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Review of the Bliss Album Art Downloader Program. Image . Software media players typically come with built- in album art managers, but these are often limited. This is a multi- platform (Windows and Linux) album art organizer that runs in the background to automatically keep your album art up- to- date. Pros. Automatically downloads and embeds album arti. Tunes compatible. Motion Sensor Games Nokia N79 Free Download on this page. Web interface enables you to access Bliss over any network. Inexpensive solution that can be run on a home server.

Album Art Downloader Free

MP3 Music Downloader is an amazing free application which lets you download and play any number of mp3 songs from websites online. While listening to music on your smartphone, how would you love to see the tracks that are playing? Without the album art or with the album art? Well, looking at both. Services Include: Pre-Purchase Home Inspections; Pre-Sale Home Inspections; New Home Inspections; Commercial Building Inspections; Relocation Inspection Services. Album Art Downloader XUI 1.0.2 Download bei GIGA. Album Art Downloader XUI ist ein Suchprogramm f

Cons. Doesn't support multiple library locations. No advanced search facilities. Getting Started with Bliss. Requirements: Operating system: Windows (XP, Vista, 7) . To get the latest version, simply go to the Bliss website and choose the version for your operating system.

For this review, we downloaded and installed the Windows version that installed without any problems. The program comes with a generous 5. When settings up Bliss, you'll first need to tell it where to find your music library. Unfortunately, Bliss only supports one location. Many users have more than one location that they store their music in and so this option is very restrictive. If you've got music collections that are spread across more than one hard drive or another type of storage device, then you could find yourself changing this option on a regular basis. Features of the Bliss Program.

Interface: The program uses your default Web browser to display its information. The Bliss user interface is well laid out and the menu system is easy to navigate. Once you have set up the program for the first time, there are essentially 3 main areas that you'll use.

  • Make your album art stick. Most modern media players can grab matching album artwork from the major sources—Amazon, iTunes, or paid commercial databases—but don't.
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  • I am loading a lot of my CD's into the computer to Channel D's Pure Music and iTunes.ALL are WAV files. 75% produce album art when the right buttons are pushed BUT.
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  • Album Art Downloader download. Album Art Downloader 2015-12-13 09:06:30.376000 free download. Album Art Downloader The Album Art Downloader is a program.

These are the music library browser; individual song hyperlinks in order to fix album art and file paths, and the settings menu to fine- tune the way Bliss organizes your music library. Overall, the Web browser- based interface is user- friendly and makes it easy to work with your music collection - - even over your home network; just use the following UNC path: //. Although this is a user- friendly feature, Bliss doesn't have an advanced search mode which would be useful for finding individual tracks, artists, etc. Fixing Album Art and File Paths: Fixing album art in Bliss is a quick and painless process.

The program uses various online resources such as Music. Brainz, Amazon, Discogs, and even Google to source album art. If you use Cover Flow in i. Tunes for example, then you'll be pleased to know that Bliss can be used to automatically organize your music library far better. Bliss can also correct file and folder inconsistencies based on the rules you set. Compatible Music File Formats.

Bliss is compatible with a wide range of music file formats when organizing your album art. The audio file formats that it supports are: Conclusion. Bliss offers the user a simple and inexpensive way to organize their music collection's album art at lightning speed. Even though it can be used for the smallest of libraries, it really pays for itself in terms of time- saving features when used for monstrous music collections. The most impressive aspect of Bliss is the way it runs in the background and therefore keeps your music library in check based on the rules you set.

If you've got a home network, then its Web- based interface makes accessing the program from any network- attached computer a breeze. Even though Bliss is a bit restrictive in its settings (only one music location) and limited browsing features (no advanced search facilities), it is certainly a recommended program to use.

If you want to keep album art in sync with your music collection, then Bliss is certainly an essential addition to your digital music toolbox. Visit Their Website. Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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