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Asus N5. 51 / N5. JK review. Hi everyone, Mike here and this is the Asus N5. Asus’s recently launched 1. The N5. 51 carries on from last year’s N5. Once you get to analyze the new iteration more carefully though, you’ll find a new screen, a redesigned internal layout and cooling system, a changed underbelly and a new speakers system, among others. But is the N5. 51 an evolution? Well, definitely yes, an evolution, but at the same time not a revolution.

Stick with me till the end of this detailed review and you’ll find out exactly why. Or you can have a look at the video, which offers a shorter summary of the whole story.

The Asus N5. 51. JK – an updated 1. PS: We have the N5.

JK model here, with the Intel Core i. IPS display, 1. 6 GB of RAM and Nvidia GTX 8. M graphics. However, most of the aspects mentioned in this post also cover the other versions.

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PS2: If you’re interested in the “gaming” version of this laptop, check out my detailed review of the Asus G5. JM as well. Asus N5. JK Video Review. The specs – Asus N5. JKBefore we get in deep, let’s have a look at the specs, so you’ll know what we’re dealing with here. Asus N5. 51 series – Asus N5.

JKScreen. 15. 6 inch, 1. IPS, matte, non- touch. Processor. Intel Haswell Core i. HQChipset. Intel HM8.

Videointegrated Intel 4. HD and dedicated Nvidia 8. M 2. GB DDR3 graphics. Memory. 16 GB DDR3.

Hard- disk. 1 TB 5. HDD + 2. 4 GB SSDConnectivity. Wireless N, Gigabit Lan, Bluetooth 4.

Ports. 3 x USB 3. HDMI, mini Display. Port, LAN, card- reader, webcam. Baterry. 56 Wh, removable. Operating system. Windows 8. 1. Size. Weightabout 2. 6 kg (5.

Just like with the previous generation, Asus will offer the N5. Design and build quality. We’ll start with the design. Brushed aluminum is used for the lid- cover, with a backlit ASUS logo in the middle and a matte silver aluminum unibody for the interior and the sides, which feels nice and won’t show fingerprints. A trained eye will notice that the hood borrowed the concentric circles pattern from the Asus Zenbooks, as opposed to the vertical pattern on last year’s N. Adobe Premiere Plugins Free Download For Mac here.

The backlit Logo is a nice touch and I did notice that’s it’s not very bright. Not sure if that was intended or not, but I like it. The underbelly is covered in some rough plastic though, and that’s actually a change from the N5. The plastic also stretches over parts of the side edges, integrating the cooling grid on the left and the optical drive on the right. This new approach allows for an easily removable battery and for a door that gives fairly simple access to the storage drive and memory, which is only hold in place by two Philips screws.

Thus upgrading the laptop by yourself is now an easier tasks to perform, with one exception though, as you’ll find a bit later. While we’re still looking at the bottom, you’ll notice that the only air intake cuts are placed on top of the RAM module, towards the front part of the laptop, and that can mean trouble down the road. In fact, Asus changed the cooling system on the new N, borrowing from the approach used on their older N5. I do appreciate this solution over the behind the hinge exhausts on the N5. Ethernet or the video- outputs over there. The laptop also offers a set of three USB ports, an optical drive on the right edge plus the jack for the external subwoofer, a card- reader on the front lip and some status LEDs just beneath the trackpad. With these out of the way, let’s have a few steps back and look at the greater picture here.

The N5. 51 is still a fairly massive and bulky laptop (in fact, it’s thicker than the older N based on my measurements, and about 1. The lid cover does flex somewhat when pressed, but the interior hardly bulges at all. The palm- rest is spacious and the keyboard sits in the middle of the body, with plenty of room bellow and on top. Speakers. The dimpled circular patterns spreading over the laptop’s top left and right corners are still present, as an emblem of the N Series, and they hide the front- facing stereo speakers beneath, whose cuts occupy just a tiny portion of the whole design though.

There’s still an external subwoofer included with this laptop, as with the other Ns before, which takes care of the basses and helps the laptop push punchy and fairly loud sound when having it connected, with not distortions and vibrations, even at high volumes (~8. B with the subwoofer attached, ~ 8.

B without). However, my unit came with a faulty subwoofer that was continuously emitting some sort of parasitic low intensity noise when connected to the laptop. Hopefully that’s not going to be the case with the final retail versions. Screen. As expected, Asus put a 1. N5. 51, with an IPS panel, 1. It lacks touch, but the matte coating translates in low glare and thus, improved visibility in strong- light environments. The panel is made by Samsung and is crisp, sharp and bright.

It displays punchy colors, covers a wide gamut and shows absolutely no signs of light bleeding, not even on black backgrounds and maximum brightness.

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