Baixar Musica Surfacing Slipknot

Ritual Carnage – Hit The Lights. Burden Of Grief – The Four Horsemen. Arise – Motorbreath. Dust Bolt – Jump In The Fire.

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Baixar Musica Surfacing Slipknot

Eisregen & The Vision Bleak – (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth. Mobile Mob Freakshow – Phantom Lord. Cannibal Corpse – No Remorse. Primal Fear – Seek & Destroy. Exmortem – Metal Militia. CD0. 2 – Ride the Lightning Covered.

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Vader – Fight Fire With Fire. Profane – Ride The Lightning. Sabaton – For Whom The Bell Tolls. Sonata Arctica – Fade To Black. Death Angel – Trapped Under Ice. Stone Sour – Creeping Death. Headroom – The Call Of Ktulu.

CD0. 3 – Master of Puppets Covered. Machine Head – Battery.

Trivium – Master Of Puppets. S. N. P – The Thing That Should Not Be. Ugly Kid Joe – Sanitatium. Chimaira – Disposable Heroes. Demolition Train – Leper Messiah. Crystal Age – Damage Inc.

CD0. 4 – And Justice for All Covered 2. The Forsaken – Blackened. Grope – And Justice For All. In Flames – The Eye Of The Beholder. Snowgoose – The Shortest Straw. Color Blind – Harvester Of Sorrow. Six Feet Under – The Frayed Ends Of Sanity.

Mordab – To Live Is To Die. Revocation – Dyers Eve. CD0. 5 – Metallica Covered. Never Enough Mp3 Download One Direction. Prong – Enter Sandman. Anthrax – Sad But True. Testament – Holier Than Thou.

Kings X – The Unforgiven. Sinner – Wherever I May Roam. Vortrex – Dont Tread On Me. Neaera – Through The Never.

Savatage – Nothing Else Matters. Savage Messiah – Of Wolf And Man. Diabolic – The God That Failed. Dark Tranquillity – My Friend Of Misery. Sodom – The Struggle Within.