Ballet The Nutcracker Music

Nashville Ballet is the largest professional ballet company in Tennessee and presents classical ballets as well as contemporary works. Recent Posts Temporary Ballet Studio. The Minnesota Ballet has adapted a space to serve as a ballet studio to replace the Grain Exchange studio. The Nutcracker Ballet and Suite Tchaikovsky's Magical Music. The Nutcracker Ballet is one of Tchaikovsky's most enchanting works. The magical music evokes a nostalgic.

Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Ballet is one of the most famous ballet's the world has even known. Learn the synopsis of the Nutcracker Ballet. The Nutcracker Ballet - Provides the history of the Nutcracker Ballet, Nutcracker music, Nutcrakcer links, Nutcracker movies and information on Nutcracker Ballet. The Nutcracker one more stellar Performance from SASPA this year. The Nutcracker a Holiday Classic will be performed at the Mcallister Auditorium on 1300 San Pedro Ave.

Our nutcracker and ballet gifts business started 24 years ago when I danced at Ballet Ventura in California. I was the typical ballet student doing the seasonal.

The Nutcracker Ballet and Suite. The Nutcracker Ballet is one of Tchaikovsky's most enchanting works. The magical music evokes a nostalgic Christmas atmosphere.. The two- act ballet is based on the book . Hoffman, a famous writer and music critic. The original plot is actually quite dark and bizarre. The book's publisher had to get the story cleaned up into a happier, charming children's fairytale.

In 1. 89. 1 he commissioned Tchaikovsky to write a ballet score for the plot. Tchaikovksy was probably the most famous Russian composer at the time. So the result was bound to be good! When he started writing the Nutcracker ballet music, Tchaikovksy didn't like the project at all.

Ballet The Nutcracker Music

He wanted to change the setting and change bits of the story. But while he was writing it he grew to like it. Although in the end he still didn't think that his music was all that good (as usual)! The first performance was in December 1.

Mariinsky theater. The premiere was actually performed by students, and got some pretty bad reviews! In the 2. 0th Century it became hugely popular in America as well.

Nowadays at Christmas time there are loads of productions of the ballet, as well as new interpretations and video versions. Grandfather Drosselmeyer arrives and gives the children, Clara and Fritz, presents. Clara's present is an ornate nutcracker doll, which delights everyone at the party. Fritz is jealous though, and breaks the doll. But Grandfather fixes it magically for Clara, who later falls asleep with the doll under the Christmas tree. The next part of the story takes place in Clara's dream. She shrinks, while the toys below the tree spring to life.

The room fills with an army of mice, lead by the evil Mouse King. The Nutcracker doll wakes up, and leads the toys in a battle against the mice. The Mouse King and Nutcracker fight one- on- one, but loses and gets captured. Desperately, Clara throws her slipper at the Mouse King, who falls unconscious and is taken away by his mouse army. The Nutcracker then transforms into a Prince, and takes Clara first to an enchanted forest, and then to the Land of Sweets. There, the Prince tells the Sugar Plum Fairy about their battle with the mouse army.

She celebrates with a collection of exciting and magical dances. After a grand finale, Clara wakes up on Christmas day under the Christmas tree with the Nutcracker doll in her hands. It uses the high parts of the orchestra and clever combinations of woodwind instruments to create a doll- like fantasy sound- world. The Nutcracker Ballet was the first work by a major composer which made use the celesta (like a piano, but more glassy). It's featured heavily in the popular . The celesta was brand new at the time, and there was a bit of a race between composers to see who could use it well first.

I think Tchaikovsky won! The hugely well- known Nutcracker Suite is a highlight reel of 8 great moments and dances from the ballet. Here are my two favorite famous dances from the Nutcracker Ballet.. First, the Trepak or Russian Dance: And the Arab Dance: Recordings. There are a ridiculous number of recordings of the Nutcracker.

So I'm going to recommend two of the very best.. The Kirov Orchestra conducted by Valery Gergiev possibly claims the top spot. The orchestra is exquisitely talented, the conducting exciting and vigorous, and the sound quality immaculate.

The entire ballet is on one CD as well - perfect! From 1. 99. 8, on Philips. Recommended CDSecondly, the Royal Ballet has a DVD of the ballet (produced by the BBC). Since the ballet is, apart from the music, also a visual treat, this is an excellent way to enjoy it even more. This is a very traditional production, with top- class dancers filmed in excellent quality. Good stuff! Recommended DVDListen and explore Tchaikovsky's huge musical output, which includes ballets, symphonies, operas, and a huge amount of wonderful chamber music!

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Clara and Freddie who are looking forward to. Father Christmas. Clara is especially excited about.

Charlotte whilst their mother and big sister Louise look. Outside people skate on the frozen Thames. The Party. Dr Drosselmeyer, a rather mysterious old family friend, arrives. With him is his. nephew, fresh from Military School. The guests arrive, presents are starting to. Christmas tree and the children.

Dr. Drosselmeyer introduces a puppet theatre, in which puppets perform to the. Louise and her three admirers are inspired to dance by. Dr Drosselmeyer presents Clara with her Christmas. Clara is thrilled and begins to dance with her new. Freddie grabs the doll so enthusiastically from Clara that he. In despair, Clara turns to Dr Drosselmeyer for help.

He. as if by magic, manages to put the doll back together again. Clara is delighted. The guests depart, the children go up to bed and the.

The Battle. Clara has a nightmare in which her Nutcracker is attacked by the evil Mouse. King. The clock strikes midnight. Giant rats and mice led by the Mouse King appear. The Nutcracker becomes a dashing.

The Mouse King and his army. Nutcracker is injured. Everything melts away to leave. Clara and the Nutcracker alone as snow starts to fall. The Land of Snow. The living room is magically.

Clara dances with. Nutcracker who seems to be Drosselmeyer.

The Mouse King pursues. Clara through the snow.

Clara, the nephew and Dr Drosselmeyer escape in a. 33 Strategies Of War Book Pdf. Mouse King. clinging onto the side. ACT IIThe Puppet Theatre. The balloon lands beside the. Dancers from all over the world representing China, Arabia.

Russia and Spain come to life and leap out of the theatre. The Mouse King is. The. dancers perform divertissements. The puppet theatre disappears to reveal a. Waltz of the Flowers.

They are joined by all the characters from around the. Suddenly Clara wakes up with a. Freddie and Clara run outside into the snow to wave a.

Drosselmeyer and his nephew. Choreography by Wayne Eagling Based on concept by Toer van Schayk and Wayne Eagling Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Design by Peter Farmer Lighting by David Richardson. DISCOUNTS FOR NUTCRACKER AT THE LONDON COLISEUMOnly one discount per ticket. Subject to availability. Available on all performances and all price bands unless stated otherwise.

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