Best Project Management Software Mac Os X

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Merlin (software) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Merlin Project (originally called Merlin in versions 1. OS X, developed by Project. Wizards Gmb. H in Germany.

Open Source Project and Task Management Software. Our project team includes four separate vendors and the client, a large metropolitan school district. The open source replacement of Microsoft Project Read More. ProjectLibre is an open source alternative to Microsoft Project. You’re reading an email from a friend and she wants you to buy some things for the party. Or your boss wants you to prepare a presentation. Just select the relevant. MacUpdate simplifies finding, buying and installing apps for your Mac.

Best Project Management Software Mac Os X

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It focuses on project plan creation, tracking the status of activities, assignment of resources, and managing budgets. It includes creation and visualization of Gantt chart activity timelines, work breakdown structure (WBS), net maps (project networks), mind maps, and resource workload in bar diagrams, histograms or time boxes. Features. Merlin Project calculates costs based on estimated work, resource assignment and resource rates, estimates start and end dates, calculates resource overall utilization, critical path and performs earned value analysis on task or project level complying with standard project management methods. The application can be used by single users or in teams. Interoperability with Merlin Server. Merlin Project's capabilities were extended with the introduction of Merlin Server.

Best Project Management Software Mac Os X

Merlin Server was implemented for teams working with Merlin Project. Merlin Server is the central database which allows simultaneous access of the same project information by more than one users using multiple devices (os X, i. OS or a web browser). Once subscribed to a shared project, the users work with their local files in offline or online connection to the Merlin Server.

The vendor patented the sync function included in Merlin. Changes from any user on any device with online connection to the Merlin Server are immediately integrated and distributed to all other users and devices currently accessing the same project documents. Changes from users not having currently an online connection to Merlin Server are saved locally into the files and synced to the server next time the online connection exists. Conflicts between the changes are automatically resolved by the patented sync function.

Sync without Merlin Server. Local files or such on cloud services like i. Cloud Drive, Box. Dropbox can be also edited in multi- user- mode.

Merlin Project can resolve conflicts automatically and forward changes as they get saved. Work areas. Public or private work areas can be used when users plan to make a major change without it being automatically pushed to other users before it is actually cleared.

Once switched to the Private Work Area all changes to the project document are kept local, other users do not see those local changes. Also all public changes from other users are saved into the source document but are not automatically integrated in the local copy of the user in Private Work Area. When a user switches back to the Public Work Area, it is possible to choose to publish or delete the local changes. Import / Export. Merlin Project supports import of and export. Merlin also integrates with Mac OS X: It can publish project activities or resource assignments to Calendar or todos in Reminder , access the Contacts or Outlook for resource (staff) management. It may also send other configured views.

Merlin reports can be printed or exported as image (PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP or GIF). Targets for files with exported content can be local paths, connected network drives, FTP, Web.

DAV or SMTP mail servers. Latter requires configured accounts with login data to the server accounts.

Automated and unattended exports for reporting reasons can be configured for projects shared by Merlin Server. OS app In April 2.

Merlin was released for the i. Phone. It integrated with Merlin 2 and/or Merlin 2 Server. With the release of Merlin Project Go Version 4. June 2. 01. 6, the i. OS app supports the Merlin Project file format. It can be used as companion to Merlin Server or as a standalone app creating and editing project files on the i. OS device. Even though the i.

OS version maintains general feature parity with the desktop version, not included are reports, net maps, mind maps, and resource workload in bar diagrams, histograms or time boxes. Version history and awards. It contained a very basic set of features.

Merlin 1. 0 was officially released in November 2. Board Dart Download. It included several new features including an extended calculation function, Entourage support, multiple project linking, an improved interface, and more. It also supported import from Microsoft Project, Nova. Mind, Omni. Outliner, and Mind. Manager, and synchronized with i.

Cal. Version 2. 0. Mac. World (April 2.

Merlin 2 takes the excellent foundation provided by the initial version of the software ( ) and evolves it into the kind of intuitive program that leverages the best features the Mac has to offer. Merlin users could now publish projects that they and their team members could view and edit over the network through a supported web browser. On Oct 2. 00. 8 it received a Mac. User 2. 00. 8 editorial award.

In its review by the German Website 'Heise online' Merlin 2.

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