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Microsoft Pinball Arcade . This venture into the realm of pinball action actually serves the noble cause of being a history lesson as well. The meat of the game involves simulating pinball games from Gottlieb that have come out every decade from the 1. So, not only do you get quite a few tables (seven), but you can also view the actual history of the game as it evolved over the years. It was released on December 1.

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Microsoft Windows and in 2. Game Boy Color. The game is a collection of seven real pinball tables licensed by Gottlieb. These include: Baffle Ball (1. Humpty Dumpty (1.

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Knock Out (1. 95. Slick Chick (1. 96.

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Spirit of '7. 6 (1. Haunted House (1. Cue Ball Wizard (1.

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Pete's older fairy tales. PC Game. of the Year 2. January 0. 1, 2. 01. I am speechless. STubi. DSoft is using Twitter! March 0. 9, 2. 01.

And most likely Facebook, My. Space, Blogster, .. Game. of the Year 2.

Ubisoft free. February 0. Oh my.. Yeah, sure.. What. would Brian Boitano do? August. am sure he would kick one @ss or two : )We. July. FPSE deja vu.. Leader. of the Pak. February. a 'Pak' containing one game still a 'Pak'?

Plug. me in or pull me out. November. needs plugins anyway?

STubi. DSoft is using Twitter.< 0. We're happy to announce that our new game A$$2 is now ready for playing! DRM servers are up and runnning! Have fun!< 0. 0: 0.

We had to set up awesome servers. But it's in. your own interest, you know?< 0. A$$2 for two weeks now. DRM servers were started today.< 0. We're happy to say A$$2 is withstanding the efforts to crack it. We see. the rumors but still confirm no valid cracked versions exist.< 0.

We are investigating this issue. Stay tuned.< 1. Seems like our servers are under attack!!! Lot of sign- in attempts.

Unbelivable how low some people can sink. To offer a great gaming experience we created a new superior DRM server. All other gamers. A$$3 preview video while waiting! You see, we keep our promises: .

Well, there were. PC games I bought and played in 2. Not because of money. I wouldn't have bought some of them if they were still. Euros). Origins, published by Electronic Arts- Risen, published (here in Germany) by Koch Media Gmb. HThe game I liked best was .

No online DRM for me. Which brings me to .. Ubisoft. The only Ubisoft game which could have caught my interest in 2. But since this was online- DRM infested.. Save. states are stored on UBIsoft servers.

No more game modifications. MODs). Always doing auto patching. No more game reselling. You are not. even allowed to sell your UBI account . And the best Q& A from this FAQ is placed at the end: Why is Ubisoft. Ubisoft account when. We hope that. customers will feel as we do, that signing up for an account will offer.

Short answer from me: no . You want to sell something to me?

Try harder. December. Game of the Year 2. First of. all, the Losers Of The. Year 2. 00. 8 (category PC games). I bought. and enjoyed nearly all Bioware games and expansions..

Nevertheless I will never. Cry 2. Doom 3? Command & Conquer? Not exactly my piece of cake. I have some. friends who enjoy such RTS games, though. But nobody I know did buy C& C. Red Alert 3. OK, my reasons not to buy any of those games: online activation. DRM a. k. a. Ah, and just for the record.

I don't 'pirate' the games instead. Take Grand. Online- Activation combined with a. Gf. W- Live- Rockstar- Social- Club- installation marathon, otherwise no. In a single player (= offline) game? Conclusion. money (and nerves) saved by not buying it. Instead I used my money to buy more books this year (recommendation.

Steven Erikson's 'Malazan. Book of the Fallen' series). And I got me a new e- guitar. And. yeah, some PC games which are compatible with my PC and my self- respect. DRM). Additional note: due to the DRM mess I do not pre- order.

And I don't do any 'spontaneous' game purchases anymore as. I wait until a game is released, do a quick check about the 'copy. As. another side effect I also got immune to all the hype and advertising. So, EA (.. enter other foolish DRM- game publisher here..), what do you. Peoples who want to get your games for free. DRM scam (=. loosing old customers). Frigidaire Affinity Top Load Washer Manual.

And the ones who are still buying your games. DRM traps, when they cannot install. Congratulations, what a great business plan! Let us increase the stock.

Some quotes from Olaf Coenen, EA Manager Germany, in a Gamestar. DRM works. fine in the music industry.. DRM has no real consequences for.

EA doesn't make unreasonable. My Game. Of The Year 2. I love how stable it. PC. And I love it that the copy protection just wants to. I need to change the game.

I have spent 5. 0 hours on my. Yes, with Fallout 3 I’m a happy. I liked it better. NWN2, but that's a matter of taste, I guess.

The battles were. No. crashes, overall just good entertainment. No online- activation, just a. King's. a game similar to Heroes Of Might and Magic. I played the demo, and I. Hehe, to be honest: my SO and I. HOMM games, but I never finished either one, I always lost.

Well, for me KB is superior to HOMM, since it motivates me. Yeah, I have not bought.

I want to get the European. PC version, and no local store seems to have it right. And first I have to check if this disk version is also without DRM.- Assassin's.