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There are no restrictions on the purpose or frequency of reservations. Riders going in the same general direction are grouped together to share rides. A fleet of small buses provides DART service. Each is equipped with wheelchair lifts and can accommodate four wheelchairs. Please be advised that free transportation will be provided to and from in- person functional assessments for applicants seeking DART eligibility. Also note that Paratransit operates same days and hours as fixed route.

Reservations. 80. Monday. Tokens can be purchased in advance by calling 8. DART can accept only checks and cash. Excite Instant Messenger Download read more. DART Applicants. To qualify for DART service, applicants must be unable to independently access and/or use The COMET fixed route systems.

View the Official Rules of Play; Download a PDF of the Official Rules of Play; View the Team Dart Tournament Rules; Download a PDF of the Team Dart Tournament Rules. Getting around the Dublin area is easy. Jump on our coastal train, the DART, to discover the beautiful towns and villages dotted along the coast, or use our extensive. Qualifying residents of Collin County can now participate in an innovative taxi subsidized service offered by DART, Allen, Fairview and Wylie.

Those who wish to use the DART system can be. You may also download the application below: Please click here to complete and submit the electronic DART Application: Electronic DART Application. The COMET will notify applicants within 2. If an applicant has not been notified within the 2.

DART services on the 2. At The COMET, we’re committed to meeting the accessibility needs of our passengers. Our fixed route buses are specially designed to provide access to all passengers.

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The COMET buses have the ability to kneel, which lowers the first step height at the front door. To use this function, simply ask the driver to activate the kneeling feature when the bus door is opened for you. The COMET buses are also equipped with hydraulic lifts that allow persons with mobility limitations to board.

Passengers using wheelchairs, walkers or crutches, as well as passengers with other mobility limitations, may use the lift by simply notifying the bus driver before boarding the bus. The lifts can accommodate mobility devices that meet ADA guidelines. Each lift is located at the rear doors of the bus. Wheelchair securing devices are located directly across the aisle from the rear door. Each bus has two restraint devices designed to secure wheelchairs while the bus is in motion. Seats located over the restraints fold up to allow wheelchairs to be secured. If you need to use the lift to board the bus, your driver will assist you.

Drivers will also help secure wheelchairs. ADA Coordinator. If you have any questions or concerns regarding ADA related services, please contact.