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Ruthless Golf: Elbow Room. Part of the Route 6. It's possible that you've tried some of the different versions of the Secret Move from last week.. It looks like a triangular mummy wrap! Then on page 9. 8- 9. Hogan says, . The elbow 'leads' the arm - - it is the part of the arm nearest the target as he begins to make the throw. The forearm and hand catch up with the elbow, and the player's arm is extended relatively straight when he releases the ball.

And if you compare the descriptions to the arrows, you might think I screwed up the drawing. What you need to understand is that the arrows show where the upper arm is pointed on the downswing, while the words beside them describe where the elbow finally ends up. The words in the black box describe how the motion feels to most people.

Most weekend players never recognize there's a difference, and that's why they get frustrated. If you follow instructions that tell you how to move, but perform them by how they feel to you, you may never figure it out! It is important to remember that your body is not straight up and down during the swing, the way it is when you stand upright. You are leaning slightly forward, and that's the source of the apparent contradiction. Most of us interpret how these motions feel relative to our body, not relative to the ball.

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So, to reach the incorrect position, when we feel that the elbow is dropping straight down, what we actually feel is our elbow moving parallel to our spine from around shoulder level down to our hip. Normally when we stand straight that's down, and our minds continue to equate . If you were standing straight up, swinging your elbow this way would actually feel as if you were moving your elbow forward toward the ball. Do the arrows and words make sense now? To actually drop your elbow straight down toward the ground on the downswing, you have to feel as if you are moving it forward toward the ball. When you get in the correct position, your upper arm is vertical relative to the ground..

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See the vertical upper arm?) It's simple once you know what you're looking for. Now come the big questions: How do we make this move? Windows 8 Boot Animation For Windows 7 Free Download read more. What does it feel like? How can I check that I'm doing it right?

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This is where Hogan's image of the elbows being tied together, along with his . It's an awfully mechanical way to swing, but studying it a bit shows us what the actual move looks like. Once we know how to do it, we can do it slowly and see how it feels, so we can just duplicate the feel when we play. The elbow . Relative to the spine, the elbow is certainly out in front of the rest of the hand.

But as the Hogan drawing shows, his upper arm is actually vertical once it gets down close to the front of the hip. This can make as much as much as 6 inches difference in where the elbow is when you reach the hitting area.

Do you think that would make a difference in your swing plane?) But, if you are getting into the position at the top of your swing that most teachers say you should - - with your upper arm parallel to your spine - - then your forearm is leaning toward the ball. In order to get your elbow to the front of your hip - - where you can swing the club freely down the target line - - you're going to have to let your elbow swing forward under your hands as the club comes down. Think of your hands as a tree branch and your elbow as a swing; let the elbow swing under the hands! This isn't a move that takes a lot of effort; in fact, if you try too hard, you'll jerk your elbow too far ahead. If that happens, your forearm will end up tilted backward and you'll actually make it too hard to square the clubface.

It took me forever to track down this problem in my swing!) If you have a two- way miss, this problem can cause it: With the elbow too far forward, you'll push- slice, but if you try to fling your hands to overcome it, you'll pull- hook. The correct position isn't a power move; you shouldn't need a lot of effort to reach it. Now - - and this is important - - once you get to this position, you don't need to fling your arms toward the ball. All you have to do is straighten your arms!

Because of your elbow position, straightening your bent elbow will move your hands (and the club) ahead of your elbow. Try it and you'll see. I've been trying to think of something to which I could liken the motion, something that a lot of you would recognize, but I haven't been able to. Some have likened it to hitting a baseball with a bat; I find it reminds me more of swinging an axe. Frankly, you may find that either one feels a bit too mechanical for you.. Here's the key thought: Your bent elbow swings forward as it comes down, so it can swing past your hip, not bump up against it.

It swings close to your hip, perhaps even brushes it as it goes past, but there should be NO substantial contact between them. As long as you follow that guideline, you should be able to get a more controllable swing going. Watch out for that elbow position on the way down.

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