Cheapest Way To Buy Adobe Photoshop

What Is the Cheapest Way to Mail Books? Media Mail is the cheapest rate for sending books, but delivery can be delayed. The cheapest way to mail a single book of close to a pound or more is through the U. S. Postal Service’s Media Mail. The Postal Service, however, imposes strict limits on what can be sent by Media Mail. If you’re sending several books, or unusually heavy books, using Priority Mail’s flat rate packaging may give you comparable rates and be even cheaper, depending on the weight.

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Cheapest Way To Buy Adobe Photoshop

Even if Media Mail is cheaper, it will often take longer to arrive than other mail services. Sending by Book Rate. Media Mail formerly carried the name “book rate,” and the Postal Service and many people still informally refer to it by the old name.

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Book rate covered printed books as well as manuscripts that an author might send to an editor. The Postal Service upgraded the name to Media Mail to make clear the discount mailing services also cover video tapes, film and sound recordings on DVDs and CDs, and books on CDs. Excluded from Media Mail. Items sent by Media Mail cannot include advertising, such as that found in a magazine. The Postal Service does allow books or recordings to contain incidental announcements about similar work. You cannot include a letter that would qualify as first class mail.

Excluded material includes blank CDs or DVDs, recordable computer drives and separate photos. Computer software and video games also cannot be sent by Media Mail. Allowable Enclosures. Among attachments and enclosures that the Postal Service allows are instructions, corrections of printed matter and a post card order form or envelope. Postal regulations also allow incidental personal greetings to be written in the book or attached loosely as a note, provided the note is “closely related but secondary” to the medium being sent. Open for Inspection. By sending a book by Media Mail, you are granting postal inspectors permission to open and inspect your mailing to confirm it meets the criteria for the special mailing rate.

Post offices conduct spot checks on Media Mail packages, and if the package violates the criteria, the recipient receives the package with postage due for the difference between Media Mail and Parcel Post. The Postal Service will also charge Parcel Post rates if you seal it it in such a way that postal inspectors cannot open the package without destroying the wrapping. Rates. Current rates for Media Mail and other services are available on the Postal Service’s website, usps. Media Mail rates correlate to the package weight, starting at 1 pound. Partial- pound weights are rounded up to the next pound. Rates as of the date of publication start at $2.

Rates then increase by 4. Commercial rates start at $1. If your book weighs 8 ounces or less, first class mail costs less.

Priority. The Postal Service gives Media Mail a low priority for delivery, which may take days or weeks longer than with Priority Mail. Rates for Priority Mail flat- rate boxes can be close to the Media Mail Rates, and delivery normally takes two to three days. Rates for a small flat- rate box - - 8 5/8 by 5 3/8 by 1 5/8 - - are $5. The largest Priority flat- rate box measures 1. Media Mail is available for U.

S. Priority Mail International's smallest flat- rate box is priced at $1. Canada and Mexico and $1. Boxes for the lowest rate are available in shapes suitable for sending a DVD, a video tape or a paperback book. The maximum weight is 4 pounds.

The largest flat- rate box for Priority Mail International measures 1. Mailings to Canada and Mexico cost $3. Mailings to all other countries cost $6.

The maximum weight is 2. The Postal Service offers delivery confirmation for Media Mail and Priority Mail, but to track your shipment en route you must use a commercial shipper at higher rates. About the Author. Tom Chmielewski is a longtime journalist with experience in newspapers, magazines, books, e- books and the Internet. Gx30 Software Download. With his company TEC Publishing, he has published magazines and an award- winning multimedia e- book, .

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Western Michigan University. Photo Credits. Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images.

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