Delete Video Downloads Itunes Ipad

SOLVED: How to fix i. Tunes error 9 - i. Pad. I have an IPad 2 Wi. Fi that worked perfectly until I tried to update from i. OS 6 to i. OS 9. Took the i.

Pad to Apple Store in Reno and they were unable to update it also. They got same error code 9 as I, and I was told the update exposed hardware issues. They said maybe the unit had been exposed to moisture. They were unwilling to accept any responsibility for the issue but willing to sell me another refurbished 4 year old unit for $4. Update (0. 1/0. 9/2.

I have now spent several weeks researching the error code 9 issue resulting from trying to update a device at i. OS 4. 3 level to i. OS 9 level. The root cause is Apple Computer has come up with a way to cause early obsolescence of perfectly functional products. They have taken advantage of their customers who have not updated the i.

OS in their products in a timely manner. It is not possible to perform a direct update from i. OS 4 to i. OS 9. A device must be progressively updated through i.

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OS levels of 5, 6, 7, and 8 before updating to 9. The error code 9 problem started in October 2. Apple removed their signatures from all down level firmware. This action on Apples part effectively burnt the bridge for updating units at or below i. OS 7. Any device that has a down level i. OS that requires progressive updating, though the hardware works perfectly is now rendered useless. Download Jogo Campeonato Brasileiro 96 Snes there.

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Delete Video Downloads Itunes Ipad

Pretty clever on Apples part. All Apple support centers must be aware of this issue and have apparently been scripted to respond in the same manner.

I personally experienced this same tale of lies when I visited the Apple Store in Reno. Attempting to update an Apple device from i. OS 4, 5, 6, to i. OS 9 results in leaving the device in an incomplete restore condition. The indication of this is error code 9 and a picture on the screen of a USB connector showing a cable plugged into i. Tunes. The update does not change any data on the Apple device but the incomplete restore does not allow the device to operate. The solution to restoring proper operation is to down load a freeware program .

This program has the ability of accessing the Apple device and performing a proper restore. This fixes the Apple improper restore and returns the device to full operation. It does not allow updating to higher i.

OS levels, only Apple would have that capability. Unfortunately the Apple device is stuck at what ever i. OS down level it is at.

The device will work but eventually the apps will no longer work as they are continually updated as Apple updates its i. OS. I have several i.

Pads that are i. Pad 2 wifi's. Those that I updated as i. OS levels changed work at i. OS 9. 2 today. Those that my grand kids have, which I did not have access to until November 2. OS 4. 3. 5. They are the same exact model but cannot be updated as a result of Apple unsigning their down level i.

OS levels. This should be considered a criminal and shameful act on Apples part. I plan to present this issue to 7 on your side, an investigative tv news program in the San Francisco Bay Area if Apple does not step up and reinstate their upgrade path. This could also be the basis of a major class action suit against Apple, particularly in light of their scripted lies they are telling their customers regarding the error code 9 issue. Barry. CEO of Silicon Valley company. Update (2- 2. 7- 2. Update. Here is the solution to now update down level apple products to the latest version IOS.

This “tool” will allow you to update your i. Pad currently running IOS version 4. IOS 9. 2 or 9. 3. This tool bypasses the bridge Apple blew out when they un- signed their down level operating systems in October 2. By un- signing their down level operating systems, they effectively obsoleted any non- updated products by making it no longer possible to update.

Thanks to 3deviser who pointed me to a Chinese website at www. I used google translator at the web site to see some English. Here is what you do: Go to http: //www. The webpage will come up in Chinese. Look for V6. 1. 1 on the home screen.

Click on it to download . Down load http: //www. Pad. 2 A1. 39. 6 i. Pad. 2,2 9. 3beta. GB i. Pad. 2,2. Plug your IPad into USB port of your computer.

Start ITunes if it didn’t start automatically. When you do the ITunes update, it will fail. In a few moments, the V6. IPad and automatically load the IOS 9. I have done this to two different IPads and worked fine. One was at 4. 3. 5 and the other at 5.

Hope this update is the answer to your prayers regarding bringing your IPad back to life and to current level IOS.