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Ban Michigan Fracking . Photo by Lu. Anne Kozma. By Lu. Anne Kozma and Ellis Boal.

DEQ’s request to EPA to be in sole charge of the state’s class II. The writer of the card says of Flint on the back, “This is a beautiful clean city.” Postcard courtesy Lu.

Anne Kozma. While the State of Michigan was blowing off the entire community of Flint’s complaints about. Driver Hp 5550 Pour Vista there. Environmental Protection Agency to be in complete control over the state’s toxic waste injection wells under the Safe Drinking Water Act. If EPA approves the State’s application, it. The water has high levels of chlorides (thought to be partly the result of road salt), making it highly corrosive, and which resulted in eating up the pipes and the leaching of lead into the public water supply. See www. flintwaterstudy. Targeted also could be EPA officials in Chicago, including Region 5’s former director Susan Hedman.

Both Wyant and Hedman have resigned in disgrace over failure to enforce provisions of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. EPA illustration, in the public domain. Michigan DEQ drafted a plan in 2. In this case the subject was “class II” injection wells, wells drilled into the earth. Old oil and gas wells are sometimes pressed into service as disposal wells.

Downloadable Music Three Days Grace Never Too Late Tab

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Phil Horneman is now teaching music lessons at Cooma School of Music. Phil Horneman is a qualified classroom music teacher with many years of experience teaching in. Biography At Woodstock Tim at iTunes CDs Forum Links. Dec 23, 1941 Tim Hardin Dec 29, 1980. To get a ban on fracking and frack wastes on the November 2016 ballot, the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan needs more people to help collect.


Downloadable Music Three Days Grace Never Too Late Tab

The wastes going underground include the. Now DEQ is seeking what is called “primacy.” This means, DEQ would have sole power and authority over all decision making and enforcing of federal laws regarding injection wells with little EPA oversight. In November 2. 01. DEQ circulated a “briefing report” boasting that: There are about 1.

II wells in Michigan. And the reference to “good customer service” angers a lot of Michigan residents who want governmental protection of water resources because welive here and drink the water, not because we are paying “customers.”From EPA website 1/1. Of the 1. 28. 6 class II wells, 8. Structurally, there is no difference between a disposal well and a gas or oil well. DEQ held “public meeting,” turned it into an on- the- spot (illegal) “public hearing” and then lied about it to EPADEQ then announced a “public meeting” would be held on December 9, 2. Whether public comment would be allowed there was ambiguous, in the announcement.

When the “public meeting” started, DEQ announced to everyone’s surprise that it would hold a “public hearing” first. The two are very different, particularly in the legal requirement that a “public hearing” have advance public notice and that a formal record be made. So this “public hearing” was secret. With no advance notice for a . Ban Michigan Fracking. We argued there had been no proper public hearing, Michigan and EPA have different definitions of “injection well,” and DEQ had advanced no reason it should have primacy other than that it wanted the power. DEQ pitches the primacy plan to EPA while the two agencies cover up the Flint lead levels.

But the water in Flint had turned brown and poisonous and for months people had been . It calls for DEQ and EPA to “maintain a high level of cooperation and coordination . In September Hurley Children’s Hospital in Flint published a study.

DEQ’s contemptuous answer was. Michigan DEQ has no business asking for primacy over injection wells and asserting. The assumption that these toxic materials will remain safely entombed underground forever is mistaken. Anthony Ingraffea’s work in studying well casing failures shows that there is a big problem with all well structures–the cement and steel casing barriers between the drilled frack well or injection well and our aquifers.

About 5% fail right after drilling, more fail later and eventually most will fail. A former industry insider.

Ingraffea commented to Ernst that industry is speeding up the cement degradation process “that used to take decades” and now takes only years. And back in 1. 98. GAO report, Drinking Water: Safeguards are Not Preventing Contamination from Injected Oil and Gas Wells, said that most of the contaminated aquifers could not be reclaimed because fixing the damage was . When “enough” people request a public hearing of the EPA, they hold one. While EPA is predisposed to permit an application if it meets all criteria, in some instances, when a community rises up and makes a show of force at a public hearing, and other political pressure comes to bear, communities can defeat an injection well in their area, but it’s tough going. In Fork Township in Mecosta County, the EPA held a hearing in late January.

Fifty people spoke, all in opposition to the well.