Driver Role In Family Matters

Family Matters (Series) - TV Tropes. It started as a spin- off of Perfect Strangers with background character Harriette Winslow and her husband Carl, a policeman. The show is about their picturesque working- class family. Carl's mother Estelle moved in with them in the first episode, and that is essentially how the show began.

Compared to the later seasons, it seemed rather quaint. Midway through the first season, the annoying neighbor and Hollywood Nerd Steve Urkel was introduced, intended as a one- shot character revolving around Carl finding a tame guy to take his daughter Laura to a dance. Actor Jaleel White hit the role so enthusiastically that some college students in the studio audience started chanting .

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Driver Role In Family Matters

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This was a pleasant surprise to the producers, who quickly signed up White to return as a regular. His wackiness and prominence got to the point where Steve was the go- to example of an extraverted nerd. As it went on, Steve came to dominate the show, and more and more episodes revolved around him and his wacky sci- fi inventions. The Winslow family members came to be defined by their relationship with Steve: the oldest son Eddie was his best friend, Laura was his unrequited love interest, Estelle always recognized his good heart, Richie saw him as an honorary uncle, and Harriette kept Carl from killing him.

In fact, the youngest daughter, Judy Winslow, was phased out to a life of porn (after adulthood, of course) because she didn't have much interaction with him. It's notable in being the most successful sitcom aside from The Cosby Show and The Jeffersons to focus on African American characters, as well as not make race an overwhelming topic. It's also like the one millionth time Reginald Vel. Johnson was cast as a policeman, after Die Hard, Turner & Hooch and Ghostbusters (1. Sometimes described as a spiritual successor of Happy Days, the two shows have many superficial similarities. Both shows had the same production company, and were spinoffs of a popular series. Both are about a married couple with three children living in a Midwestern city.

Driver Role In Family Matters

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In each series, a minor character introduced as an afterthought quickly becomes wildly popular and dominates the show, one of the three original siblings mysteriously disappears and is never mentioned again, and the person for whom the show was created for in the first place eventually leaves it entirely. Finally, both had a local hangout/burger joint that burned down due to carelessness by one of the characters, only to reopen under new management. Abhorrent Admirer: This more or less became the shows setup when Steve was introduced. Unlike most versions of this, he and Laura do eventually end up together in the final season of the show. Also played with with Steve's female but otherwise physically identical Southern Belle cousin Myrtle, who harbored an equally unreturned crush on Eddie. Also in the earlier seasons of the show, Carl's boss Lieutenant Murtaugh is this to Rachel.

Abusive Parents: Steve's never seen parents are this normally for laughs. Examples include trying to push him back into the womb, not owning a car because he was born in one, neglecting to feed him, making him pay rent even as a child, and finally moving to Russia without him. Of course, with his parents gone, Steve moved in with the Winslows, whom he liked better, by his own admission. He almost casually mentions that they went on separate honeymoons. So as to not repeat the horrible accident they had on their first. Yet another example includes Steve mentioning his parents putting trick candles on his birthday cakes.

Not the kind that won't blow out, but rather, the kind that blow up. Acrofatic: Carl, who is a cop.

Aesop Amnesia: Several examples: Many of the earlier episodes would have at least one character learning to be nicer to Steve (particularly after he would stick up for them or, in the case of Laura, expose a potential boyfriend with an unsavory agenda), then promptly forget it the very next episode. This was downplayed and eventually forgotten by the later seasons. Mostly because Carl and especially Laura's negative feelings towards Steve gradually softened after he moved in with them. During the series' early years, Eddie was especially prone to this.

He threatened to move out at least twice (and did so on one of those occasions) after conflicting with Carl over house rules; and at least twice got into trouble for getting into minor accidents .. At least three other times, he got into trouble for gambling .. In the gambling instance, it took Eddie's fourth time in losing money to realize that gambling was not the way to recoup losses (he and Waldo had been stuck with a bill for several hundred dollars after a con man promised them an opportunity to meet the Chicago Bulls, and Eddie goes to his father for assistance; Carl ultimately arrested the con men in his role as a police officer).

Throughout the series, Laura would constantly date these no good jerkasses who were clearly taking advantage of her.

Thanks in large part to Urkel, whose nerdy clumsiness and catchphrases (“Did I do that??”) made him into pop cultural phenomenon, . A switch to CBS in 1. Sadly some cast members like Rosetta Le. Noire (Mother Winslow) and Michelle Thomas (Myra) have passed away. But most of the cast is still alive and kicking today.

See what they’re up to now below. Reginald Vel. Johnson, Carl Winslow. ABC/Frazer Harrison, Getty Images. Then: Reginald Vel. Johnson was father and police officer Carl Winslow on . He also appeared as Carl on an episode of . But that hasn’t slowed his career down, and he is currently playing recurring roles as a newspaper reporter on .

Steve Urkel joined the show midway through the first season and quickly became a larger and larger part of the sitcom’s storyline. White also provided the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog in three different animated series based on the video game in the ’9. Now: White has recently popped up on . It was her screen debut, and before the show she was a model.

She got hitched to Hannibal Jackson in 2. Darius Mc. Crary, Eddie Winslow. ABC/Moses Robinson, Getty Images. Then: The role of eldest Winslow child Eddie went to Darius Mc. Crary. Already a successful child actor, Mc. Crary had previously appeared in . Payton had also appeared on .

Since then Payton has appeared on everything from . Hopkins first tasted fame in the ’7. Tony Orlando and Dawn.

She went from singing to acting in the ’8. Tom Hanks sitcom . Rodriguez, Getty Images. Then: James start playing Richie Crawford, Rachel’s daughter, in the second season of . As a three- year- old in real life, it was his screen debut.

Now: Since 2. 00. James has played Devon Hamilton on . Then the character just disappeared without any on- screen explanation ever being offered. She performed under the stage name Crave, and it wasn’t until years later that the woman in the video was linked to the girl who used to be on .