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Hotel Reservation Software - 2. Reviews & Pricing. Here's what we'll cover in this guide: Hotel Reservation Software Buyer’s Guide.

Common Features of Hotel Reservation Software. Key Considerations. Market Trends to Understand.

Hotel Reservation Software Buyer’s Guide. Hospitality professionals seek to make the reservation and booking process as fast and accurate as possible, so they can maintain a real- time inventory and maximize occupancy at their properties. From boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts to large hotel and resort chains, hotel reservation software (or “central reservation systems”) can help management achieve these goals.

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These systems streamline everything from online reservations to the distribution and marketing of hotels across multiple sales channels. This guide will outline the most common features and functions found in hotel reservation software, and the factors you should consider when shopping for a system. Common Features of Hotel Reservation Software. Hotel reservation systems perform several functions related to online reservations, including managing rates and inventory and storing customer profile information. These systems also interface with various sales channels to ensure your hotel’s inventory and information is available to guests no matter where they reserve a room. These channels include: The Global Distribution System (GDS; defined below)Online travel agencies. Booking engine software and reservation call centers.

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Finally, most reservation systems can interface with a property management system, which is used to manage other areas of a hotel’s daily operations. Here’s a list of the most common capabilities of hotel reservation software: Feature. Description. Reservation tracking. Enter and track reservations in a “tape chart”: a color- coded grid of reservations hoteliers can modify to reflect changes in availability.

Free Download Hotel Software Galileo

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Some systems include the ability to track where reservations originate (e. Rate management. Adjust rates and determine which rates are available to certain guests during certain times of the year or during promotions. Customer data profiling. Manage phone numbers, payment information, membership status, statistics on past stays and other information about guests. Internet booking engine. Many hotel reservation systems can enable online booking from your hotel’s website, turning your site into a veritable booking engine—an essential function today. Global Distribution System integration.

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A GDS is a network that stores the rate and inventory information of hotels connected to it by a central reservation system. Online travel agencies also access the GDS, and use the information to ensure consistency for customers when booking online. Connecting a hotel to these networks with hotel reservation software allows guests to book rooms on systems other than the hotel’s system. Though the technology is aging, four major GDSs exist today (Worldspan, Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre) that are still used by most hotels. Key Considerations.

If you are in the market for hotel reservation software, here are a few factors to consider during your search: Choose a system that fits the size of your hotel. Hotel reservation systems can vary in the number of rooms, number of properties and room types they support.

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Select a system that accommodates your hotel’s needs: choosing one that is designed for larger hotels when your business is a small bed and breakfast, for example, could make the reservation process more complicated than necessary. Large resorts, on the other hand, may require dedicated resort tools to meet their needs. Consider GDS integration. Hotels should still consider GDS integration when choosing a hotel reservation system to ensure that rooms and rates appear correctly on the several thousands of sales channels GDSs link to.

Evaluate usability. Choose a system with an interface that is easy for you to decipher and that gives your hotel the most exposure to sales channels. More importantly, since the systems allow for online bookings, you should pick one with an easy- to- use customer interface. A simple, intuitive interface can mean the difference between a completed guest transaction and a failed conversion. Market Trends to Understand. The biggest challenge for the hotel industry today is wrestling revenue back from online travel agencies, which have attracted travelers with reduced rates from hotels.

Keep these trends in mind when comparing hotel reservation systems: Online travel agencies. With the advent of the Internet, traditional travel agencies were undercut by airlines and hotels that could now offer direct sales to customers through their websites—avoiding the fees required to be listed with an agency. Online travel agencies (OTAs) developed their own Internet presence by connecting to the GDS. These websites, such as Expedia, Priceline and Orbitz, focused their services on sorting and and comparing hotel rates and inventory to make planning easier for travelers. OTAs charge hotels 1. Asap Rocky Untitled Free Mp3 Download.

Hotel Management System - e. Zee PMS Features. Room Allotments. Room allotment should be easy, you shouldn. You get all the features one would expect from a robust software, plus some stand out features for Room Allotments, which not only makes your process easy but in fact more efficient.

Room Allocation as per Preference. Every guest or group which visits your hotel is different and so are the needs or the preference they may have. You can allocate the room to the guests according to their standard preferences such as room type, view type, suite name or you can even add a custom preference beforehand which is unique to your hotel making it easy for you to identify and allocate.

Best Occupancy Level Allocation. Between walk- ins, bookings from website and channel bookings, it can get overwhelming at times or in some cases lead to errors in room allocation. But that is not a problem here, when you are allocating a room to a guest, the system will automatically compare the occupancy levels and dates and suggest you the best available option. Check- In. Sometimes the focus of operations is kept on the more complex processes or functionality which can lead to an oversight on basic and fundamental operation such as check- in. The check in process is kept simple in the system, allowing you directly check in walk in guests effortlessly without crowding up the reception area. Configure Charges.

Creation of extra charges or any other miscellaneous charges is very straightforward. You can configure any kind of charges beforehand and those charges can be grouped for easy identification.

In addition, if a guest is requesting for a service whose charges are not present in the system, you can manually add any custom charge to the bill as per the convenience. All of the charges in the system are accurately reflected in various reports, making it easier to track different charges and leaving no room for error. Generate Electronic Card Key. The security of your guests and hotel is a top priority and Electronic Card Keys have become a norm in the industry today. Now you can generate card key from the system directly for the guests, the system will specifically check for the check- in date to check- out date matching with the room allocated. Once it has been generated, the guest can only use the key for the duration of the stay and for that specific room, after check- out, the key is rendered unusable.

Guest Notifications. Nothing impresses guests more than prompt confirmation of their requests, whether it is receiving email/SMS confirmation for their booking or receipts in their email after payment. You can pre- configure email and phone number in guest profile, once configured, the system will automatically set out the notification as per the process. Internal Notification. You have a big group of corporate guests coming to your hotel on a short notice, now you have to notify various departments in the hotel to get everything ready, so how do you contact them? Bar or Unbar Phones.

Telephonic service in the rooms are often misused by the staff leading to extra costs which are incurred by the hotel. Now you can secure the service from the system itself, the phone will be active only when the room is occupied by a guest and automatically bar the phone once guest checks out and you never have to worry about someone misusing the service. Share Information with Third Party Software. Hotels in many regions are required to share the guest information with Government Agencies as per local law or Third Party Guest Service Systems. To make things much easier, e.

Zee Front. Desk can be integrated with any system and you can pre- set the setting in the system. Depending on the configuration the guest information is automatically shared with the local system when guest checks- in or you can share the information manually as per the requirement. Early Check- In Charges.

More often than you think, guests do arrive at the hotel before the hotel. Guests can request to check- in early instead of waiting in the hotel. To simplify the early check- in process and charges related to it, we have a pre- configured early check- in charge.

In addition, you can always modify the charge as per your hotel. Live Inventory Update. Bookings for hotels come from variety of sources, from channels (OTAs), agents, hotel website, emails and walk- ins. The live inventory update will sync inventory across the board reducing instances of overbooking and unwarranted communication with guests saving you revenue and time. Black Listed Guest Alerts. The system maintains a database of the guests which have been barred in the past by the hotel. If the reception desk doubts that the guest is on the list, just with a single click, the guest details will be matched with the database and alert the staff.

The staff can also override the ban manually if the guest has been part of the list by mistake.