Globe Lte Download Cap

Globe Tattoo or Smart Bro, Which one is better? Time for another misc tip : ). I’m currently in Startbucks as I write this and one of the barristas asked me earlier if I use globe tattoo or smart bro for my Mifi (pocket Wi.

Globe Lte Download Cap

Fi). I actually have both the wireless one and a USB dongle. I have both unlocked as well.

With Tattoo Postpaid GoSURF Plans, choose the data plan that fits your surfing lifestyle. Shaw Communications Inc. While you might be aware of LTE, what exactly is it? And what kind of tech is behind it? Join us as we take a look.

I explained to her that I use both, but I’m more into Smart now. UPDATE: I just finished a post about dc- unlocker, the app I used to unlock my globe tattoo usb dongle and pocket wifi. So if you’re interested in that one you can read it here: http: //thefitpinoy.

UPDATE 5/1. 3/2. 01. I just downloaded a torrent and my speed was 4. KB/s, INSANE I know lol.

Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan is by far, the easiest, fastest and most straightforward way to create a mobile and data plan that best suits your kind of lifestyle!

Let's create a wonderful future. Globe seeks to be an agent of change in the country by fulfilling our mission to create a wonderful world for businesses, the nation. Are updates available for your software? Download trial here and take the test! A well-placed source in Washington, D.C. How to speed up Internet connection without using CMD or changing a modem/router, or Internet Service Provider (ISP.) This tweak works great for Smart Bro (Canopy. HSPA+, WiMax, TD-LTE, 4G LTE, LTE-Advanced? If you have been browsing through different smartphones and carrier contracts, you have probably spotted a number of these. Fast LTE broadband direct to your home. Today PLDT officially launched Home Bro ULTERA, the company’s first ever LTE powered home broadband plan.

I finished downloading a 9. MB file in 3. 0 minutes more or less lol. This is the first time I’ve seen it go that fast. Might be because it’s election day, a holiday and maybe not many people are using 3g right now so I got that high.

After that one download I can’t seem to replicate the speed anymore. Now I’m back to 4. KB/s speeds again, my normal speed for torrent downloads.

This is on a normal 3g smart pocket wifi FYI, it’s not LTE or rocket wifi. UPDATE 2/1. 1/2. 01. Globe’s Fair Usage Policy Infographic is up on my Facebook Page. Here’s my story. Dami ko nang na collect. I originally started with Globe and was satisfied for a long time because the speeds were decent. At least in my area it was.

We used to have a broadband connection, the usual 8. But my mom thought that it was distracting me and my brothers too much (my older brother was reviewing for the Bar while me and my younger bro are law students) so she had it cut off. Since I couldn’t live without internet I decided to get myself a globe tattoo dongle and it was great for a while. Like everyone else there were times na napuputol nalang bigla yung connection. There were also occasions when it was soooo slow that it almost felt like you had no connection at all. So there were some bad experiences but for the most part it did it’s job. It was decent for browsing, email checking, Facebook, and blogging.

You can still surf the net once you’re capped but you’ll have to unsubscribe to the unlisurf thing and you’ll be charged the usual rate (1. I believe). I also do a lot of torrent downloads but for some reason it’s really slow with Globe. They must have set a cap for torrent downloads as well. I think the fastest I get with globe is around 1. KB, that might be the limit. So after months of Globe internet I finally decided to give Smart Bro a try. I never go for the data plans because I usually work in places that have Wi.

Fi anyway (like I said I’m always in coffee shops) so I don’t need everyday up- time. I just want a device that I can use for those days when I decide to stay at home or for when I go out of town. I got the Smart Bro prepaid dongle. Later on I bought a pocket Wi. Fi on Tipid. PC and unlocked it.

Smart vs Globe Internet Verdict. Anyway, speed wise I “think” that smart is a lot faster than Globe in my area. I live in Paco, Manila by the way. Yes there are still occasional slow downs and disconnections but I doubt this’ll disappear no matter what network I use.

I mean it happens even with broadband data line connections so how much more 3g, 3g+ and even 4g ones. But what really closed the deal for me was the fact the Smart Bro is uncapped. Meaning I don’t have to deal with the same 8. MB limit that Globe has.

Seriously, I don’t understand why Globe set a cap like that when their competitor Smart can offer something that just blows their data service away. I use my Smart connection for torrent downloads and for watching full movies and documentaries on Youtube and it works great. Adobe Raw Codec Update. It’s much better than Globe and depending on where you are (if you’re in one of the 4g areas) it can even be much faster than data line connections.

I can download a movie in 2 or 3 hours sometimes, and sitcom episodes in just 3. So the verdict: SMART wins hands down. But I still keep my globe sim in case Smart goes down : ). This has happened to me before and I’m glad that I had an alternative. So if you can have your USB dongle or your pocket Wi. Fi unlocked I suggest you get both. But if you can only pick one, Smart Bro is probably the better choice unless for some reason your area is having problems with their network.

If you want to learn how to unlock your Globe Tattoo, Smart Bro, or Sun Broadband USB or Pocket wifi, be sure to check out my other post about dc- unlocker. You can read it here: http: //thefitpinoy. I hope you found this post useful.

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