Google Map Download For Nokia X2-01

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Google Map Download For Nokia X2-01

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Angry Birds (Video Game) - TV Tropes. Heeeyaaaah- hee- hee- haw!

Angry Birds is an artillery simulator/Puzzle Game created by Finnish video game developer Rovio Entertainment in 2. The premise of the game is that some evil, egg- munching pigs have raided the nests of some birds who mean to get their eggs back, whatever it takes. Said egg retrieving involves launching the birds from a slingshot at the pigs, who are protected behind elaborate obstacles of wood, ice and stone. It's a simple concept, but the execution is often anything but easy. There are several different types of birds, most of which have a special ability activated by tapping the screen in mid- flight: Red is a simple projectile; aim and launch. The Blues (Blue Jay, Blue Jake, and Blue Jim) are loaded into the slingshot as a single small bird, but when launched, they can be split into three tiny birds. Chuck (yellow) doubles his speed and acts like a missile.

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Bomb (black) acts likea bomb, blowing up shortly after he lands or if you tap the screen. Matilda (white) drops an exploding egg and shoots up at an angle. Serial Key Of Avg Internet Security 2014 on this page. Hal (green toucan) acts like a boomerang, reversing direction and speeding up.

Google Map Download For Nokia X2-01

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Terence (large red) is slow but, on impact, will either cause a lot of damage or move a lot of blocks. Bubbles (orange) is small, but puffs up into a larger size if you tap the screen, pushing everything around him out of the way. He deflates after a short while.

Stella (pink) releases bubbles that lift objects into the air and then drop them when the bubbles pop. Silver (silver) Introduced in Angry Birds 2, does a loop and flies straight downwards after with increased strength. The Mighty Eagle is an enormous bird who will wipe out all the pigs in a level. Unlike the other birds, it incurs a one- time activation fee. Unlike the other birds, using the Eagle is a challenge mode, as instead of points you're awarded a percentage score based on how much of the level is destroyed. The Rio version adds Blu and Jewel as special birds in some levels, in two different versions: Chained Heat, where they fly straight forward with a large impact, and Blu alone, who flails around madly after landing or tapping. Space gives the regular birds a slightly Darker and Edgier makeover (seen as they pass through the space warp in the backstory animation) and changes some of the colours.

In particular, Terence becomes green, the Mighty Eagle becomes a Space Eagle that wipes out everything around the launched fish tin instead of killing every pig, and Chuck becomes purple and will travel at high speed towards whatever point you touch on the screen. The game introduces a completely new light blue bird shaped like an ice cube that freezes all items around it, making them easily smashed by the Blues. The summer 2. 01. Both AB Star Wars and AB Transformers not only have the birds cast as characters from the franchises, they have character- appropriate abilities (lightsabers, Force pushes, blasters, electricity, Force lightning, and others for the Star Wars games and character- appropriate alt modes and, in some cases, weapons in AB Transformers). The Puzzle Game aspect (and the game's main source of difficulty) revolves around the best use of the available birds in each level to collapse the obstacles onto the pigs, as all the pigs have to be taken out to win a level. One to three stars are awarded when you clear a level, with a minimum score needing to be reached to earn all three. Scoring per level is based on pigs killednote 5.

Achievements can also be earned for finishing episodes, three- starring all levels in an episode, scoring a certain number of points in an episode, and other things. Each episode also includes a number of hidden Golden Eggs which, when found, open bonus levels. The games in the series so far: The original, with ten episodes released to date.

Angry Birds Seasons, featuring (mostly) holiday- themed episodes. Themes include but are not limited to Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Summer. There are also episodes not centered around a day in particular. Angry Birds Rio, a sequel / Crossover with the movie Rio wherein the birds are captured and shipped to South America.

Angry Birds Space has the birds all go into space, where they launch themselves from one planet to another to rescue their eggs from evil space pigs. The artstyle for that game is not unlike Spore or Super Mario Galaxy. Angry Birds Star Wars, a sequel / Crossover with the original Star Wars film trilogy. Unlike Angry Birds Rio, which featured the normal birds alongside the cast of Rio, this game utilizes the Universal- Adaptor Cast trope, with birds and pigs alike portraying the various characters. Angry Birds Star Wars II revolves around the prequel trilogy, and allows you to play .

Most of the original gang is present. For tournament levels, the eagle is replaced by the superhero themed Wingman who's basically an even bigger and stronger version of Terence.