Itunes 11 Download All Podcast Episodes

Unfortunately, my Take Control of i. Tunes 1. 1: The FAQ was just updated, so the information in this post is not in the book. The difference is the tab is now called All Unplayed, and it shows all unplayed episodes, even if they are unchecked. Samsung Blackjack 2 Downloads. I check and uncheck podcast episodes according to what I want to sync to my Mac, and before this update, the Unplayed tab only showed unplayed checked episodes, and now it shows them all.

Itunes 11 Download All Podcast Episodes

It’s conditions are: Media Kind is Podcast, and Kind Does Not Contain MPEG- 4 Video File. I then check Match Only Checked Items.)Access the Feed: You can now play podcasts without having to download them. Just double- click a podcast episode in any of the views, even if the cloud icon shows that it’s not on your Mac. It will start streaming. This is a good way to listen and not have to worry about downloading.

If you’re in List view, you can choose to show just a feed of the podcasts you’ve subscribed to: If you’re in My Podcasts view, you can choose to view Unplayed, Feed or Saved: If you only listen to podcasts on your Mac, you don’t ever need to download them (unless you want to save them; see below). The same is true for i. OS: with the update to the Podcasts app, which reproduces i. Tunes’ behavior, you can choose to only stream podcasts, rather than download them. So using the feed may be a better solution for you. Just double- click the ones you want to listen to, and ignore the rest. Saved Episodes: You can now save episodes.

This isn’t new, but it’s become more automatic. When you update i. Tunes 1. 1. 2, it automatically marks any episodes you’ve downloaded as saved. To save new episodes, right- click on one, then choose Save Episode. This makes it much easier to maintain a podcast archive, while having i.

Tunes automatically delete those episodes you don’t want to keep. It’s too soon to say how it will work here. But you can set any podcast to delete episodes you’ve listened to. In My Podcasts, select a podcast, then click the gear icon next to its name. As you can see, there are other settings, such as whether or not i.

Born Free, Killed by Hate in South Africa. The story of Pasca, a young lesbian, and how South Africa's rainbow nation has failed her. Inclusion Matters is a new podcast produced by the Center for Inclusive Child Care on a variety of topics including ADHD, Autism, and challenging behavior. I am continuing an existing iTunes podcast channel, but I do not have samples of past xml files nor any information where the previous podcast maker uploaded the xml.

Tunes should download episodes, and Limit Episodes, which lets you determine how many episodes should be on your Mac. This can be the most recent episode, several recent episodes, all those from the past week or month, or off. So far, this looks like a more intelligent way to manage podcasts. You can stream them when you want to listen to them, instead of downloading them in advance.

Itunes 11 Download All Podcast Episodes

You could do that before from the i. Tunes Store – and you still can, if you search for a podcast and play it from its Store page – but this makes it simpler. You can save episodes if you want; just make sure to remember to do so. The only thing I don’t like is the way All Unplayed also shows unchecked episodes; I used checking and unchecking to determine what I sync to my i. Phone, and it’s easier to see a list of checked podcasts. So, if you’re a podcast listener, what do you think about the changes to i. Tunes? Have you encountered any problems?

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