Latest Version Aladdin Hasp Hl Dongle Drivers

Network Dongles – Vectorworks - CAD software for Australia. General Information about Network Dongles. In educational institutions, Vectorworks is generally installed and licensed using a single network dongle. This small USB device stores information about how many licenses the institution has and is what monitors license compliance. Under the terms of the license agreement, such institutions may install Vectorworks on any number of computers on the network, that are within an 8km radius, provided all licenses are owned by the one institution. The computer that has the network dongle attached also requires a small piece of software to be installed called the License Manager. This is what communicates between this computer and the client machines and while it does not have to be on a server (an admin machine is OK), it must be a machine that does not have Vectorworks installed.

The License Manager must only be installed on one computer on the network. The installer for this is on the first Vectorworks installation CD or DVD. If the client machines are on a different sub- net, then each client machine requires a small . Use the link at top right to download this file if required, then unzip and open in a text editor.

On line 4. 0 enter the IP address of your License Manager computer (the line contains the text (1. Macintosh: Mac HD/Private/etc folder (note: Private is hidden)Windows: C: Drive\Program Files\Vectorworks 2. One final requirement for the network installation is that there must be no firewalls between the License Manager computer and the client machines such that the client can . This should prevent the user from having to enter in the serial number each time they access Vectorworks.

To do this, you will need to first access the Registry Editor Windows XP, Vista or 7. Once the Registry Editor window is open, expand the HKEY. Now locate the Nemetschek folder and assign student permissions to that entire Nemetschek folder.

Latest Version Aladdin Hasp Hl Dongle Drivers

You need to do the same thing for the HKEY. If the admin account is able to run the software but the student accounts are not, then the student account must have no Read & Write permissions since they are unable to access the program. Check to see if the student accounts have Read & Write permissions to the Vectorworks folder before you set up the Parental Control.

HASP HL and HASP 4 dongle emulator. Constantly improving most reliable code tested by thousands customers. Hello, have anyone solved this BIG problem? I need to use an old application (iPulse iOS-R2 Explorer) that was protected with parallel dongle HASP4 M1.

Remember 12 episodes ago when we found out this would be a full season and I was wondering what on earth they would do with it? HASP/HL Dongles window shows logged HASP dongle passwords. There can be up to 10 different passwords but it doesn't mean that all dongles are connected to computer. ProtectHost EFT: Protect Host EFT Product Specification Link. Date: ID: 13545 Version: ProtectServer Gold: Protect Server.

DESCRIPTION: VERSION: PRODUCT: OPERATING SYSTEM: SIZE: RELEASED: Sentinel HASP LDK - Command Line Run-time Installer: 7.50: Sentinel HASP, HASP HL, HASP4, Hardlock. As soon as dump file is sent to us we work on its decoding and make trial version of dongle emulator for you. We contact you with login and password. Frequently asked questions about GRAFIS (FAQ) B. Questions about HASP HL and problems with the dongle (V9.11 and above). Hello everyone, yesterday my friend asked me to help him to eliminate a HASP dongle from his PC. His PC was installed Strand7 and it needs a USB dongle which has type. 1) Printing Troubleshooting. 99% of printing issues are related to the Printer Drivers and Printer Memory. Drivers: Ensure that you have downloaded the latest printer.

If they do not, then you need to do that first. In order to do this, hit the control key on the keyboard then click once with the mouse on the Vectorworks folder. Expand the Ownership & Permissions section.

Expand the Details section. In the Owner dropdown box, you need to first click on the lock to unlock that dropdown box. Next, select the student accounts from the dropdown box. Download Absinthe For Windows.

Make sure that all of the Access dropdown boxes read Read & Write along with the Others dropdown box. Also make sure to click on the Apply to enclosed Items box. This will ensure that the students have access to the Vectorworks folder and all of its contents.

Then do the Parent Control step. Other Network Dongle Protection Issues. Symptom: Network Dongle Protection Error: Program number specified is not in the program list of NET4 HASP Memory. Solution: Dongle hardware issue.

Dongle needs to be replaced. Symptom: Failed to Start Aladdin device driver. Failed to start a service in the service control database. Solution: Uninstall the License Manager (LM); Install latest HASP dongle driver; Run the LM setup again to reinstall it.

At the end of the installation for the LM, select No button/option to install the dongle driver. Symptom: HASP License Manager cannot find the configuration access program /contents/Mac. OS/Imguicfg (This error message usually occurs when customers are installing the HASP LM on Tiger 1. Solution: Download the dongle driver for Tiger 1. HASP LM for Tiger 1. Instructions: Make sure the network dongle is not plugged into the computer.

There should be a folder called HDD. Open this folder. Run the AKSUSB Uninstall program first. This will uninstall any existing dongle drivers on your computer. Run the AKSUSB Install. This will take you through installing the dongle driver. When that has finished installing, go to the LM.

Vectorworks will now quit. Solution: The network dongle is only programmed for the number of licenses which have been purchased. If the number of licenses has been exceeded, then you will get this error message. Check your invoice or purchase order to see how many licenses you have purchased.