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The Chrysler automatically shifted manual transmission (dual- clutch automatic)Chrysler’s automatically operated manual transmission (“dual- clutch automatic”), was engineered for trucks and cars. This type of transmission has never successfully been applied to light- duty vehicles, and never with the degree of sophistication and cleverness being applied by Chrysler engineers. However, it now appears that, as part of Cerberus’ attempt to swap Chrysler for GMAC, the transmissions will not be made for Chrysler; the contract with Getrag to produce them has been broken. The company wrote: The new dual- clutch transmission will debut in international markets on the all- new 2.

Dodge Journey, the 2. Dodge Avenger and the 2. Chrysler Sebring. It will be mated to a 2.

One clutch drives the odd numbered gears and reverse, while the other clutch drives the even numbered gears. During shifts, the next gear is anticipated and pre- selected. Then one clutch is opened while the other is closed, allowing shifting without torque interruption.

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The result is quicker acceleration and refined shift quality. Further, with the lay- shaft arrangement of gears, there is increased flexibility to optimize gear ratio selection for performance and fuel economy. Instead, it uses two wet multi- plate clutches. With the wet multi- plate clutch system, the clutch components are bathed in lubricating/cooling fluid in order to provide adequate thermal capacity. The wet multi- plate clutch system uses hydraulic pressure to actuate the clutches and provide for gear selection. With this system, the power flow from the engine to the transmission is not interrupted during a shift, resulting in a power- on shift.

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This means that there is less torque disturbance than a conventional planetary automatic transmission with torque converter. Also, by eliminating the torque converter and reducing the number of shift clutches, parasitic losses are reduced leading to improved fuel economy.

The automated manual (dual- clutch) transmission – developed in partnership with Getrag . Production is currently set at 7. Frank Klegon, as quoted in Automotive News (July 2, 2. That would be enough for every nearly Dodge made for six months, or about one quarter of Chrysler's vehicles. Unlike Toyota's sequential automatic and most other clutchless models, it had systems to avoid slipping at traffic lights (on hills), to make getting into gear very, very fast, and to make extremely fast, smooth shifts. Unconfirmed reports said it was set to go into Rams when Stuttgart objected to the cost and temporarily ended the project. The transmission will be made in a joint venture with Chrysler's traditional German partner, Getrag, to reduce up- front production costs and to make use of Getrag’s dual- clutch patents.

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This is a very exciting system - think of cutting 1- 2 seconds off each car's 0- 6. Large parts of the dual- clutch system (as it will be referred to in most reports) were used by the Chrysler ME- 4.

Mercedes supercars as well. It may also be shared with other manufacturers, including Volkswagen. The 6. 2TEM (front- wheel drive transverse electromechanical transmission) will reportedly have one overdrive with 5.

I have been driving manual trans. Transmission GEO Tracker, Suzuki Sidekick 5 speed as well as the transfer case unit is shown in the following illustration. Muscle Car, Manual Transmission Shift into high gear with manual transmission parts from Speedway Motors. Featuring products from the top.

Nm (3. 70 pound- feet) maximum input torque, 1. GVW, 2. 10,0. 00 miles durability, using an integrated final drive and differential. The dual- clutch will be a major advantage for Dodge trucks and minivans, especially given that many see the Chrysler automatics as being “a reason not to buy; ” some speculate that the Cummins turbodiesels are being held back in power to avoid transmission damage, costly to Dodge’s image during a truck power war.

At the moment, it appears that Chrysler is giving preference to front wheel drive vehicles, and is building the 6. TEM first. The 7. Krups Aroma Control 229 Manual.

REM, for trucks, has been developed, but may be released after the 6. TEM; no announcements have been made but this does not mean that the company is not working on it. Automatically shifted manual transmission: some Chrysler dual- clutch automatic patents. A June 4, 2. 00. 0 patent with inventor Donald L. Carriere was granted for . The dual clutch system of the present invention includes two dry discs driven by a common flywheel assembly. Two electro- mechanical clutch actuators are provided to control disengagement of the two- clutch discs independently.

Shifts are accomplished by engaging the desired gear prior to a shift event and subsequently engaging the corresponding clutch. To shift to the new gear ratio, the driving clutch will be released and the released clutch will be engaged. The two- clutch actuators perform a quick and smooth shift as directed by an on- board vehicle control system using closed- loop control reading engine RPMs or torque. The transmission shaft that is disengaged will then be shifted into the next gear ratio in anticipation of the next shift.!

We'll also note that a May 1. Jeffrey P. Maybe one of the patent engineers was feeling frisky. We certainly would prefer the option to drive a stick- shift.

GEO Tracker Suzuki Sidekick manual transmission illustrated parts drawings.