Memset And Cpu-Tweaker Free Download

Memset And Cpu-Tweaker Free Download

Best CPU, Video Card and RAM Tuning Utilities. If you want to optimize or configure your PC’s CPU processor, video card or even RAM memory for better performance, you have a few different options.

Using some readily available freeware downloads from manufacturers and other software companies, you can easily tweak the performance of most of the components of your computer. AMD Over. Drive. If your computer utilizes an AMD CPU, you can adjust performance settings, speed and timing for the CPU and RAM memory as well as a few other components using AMD’s free Over. Drive software. Additionally, the software lets you control fan speeds and even provides some diagnostic software to help troubleshoot PC components. This utility makes the process of adding speed and performance simple, as it features a user friendly interface, accessible directly from the desktop. Download AMD Over. Drive. Intel XTU (Extreme Tuning Utility)Intel also offers their brand of performance/tweaking software with XTU, or Extreme Tuning Utility.

Overclocking is a process of changing the default frequency of a certain component, most commonly processor or a graphic card. Many users overclock their components. When even the mighty Intel, locker of clocks and remover of multipliers, releases a software overclocking app you know overclocking has gone mainstream. Geek Stuff For Your Processor. CPU Speed Professional is a standalone application that measures the REAL speed of your Intel or AMD central processor unit (CPU). You can find some tweakers software on this site: they allow you to access hardware devices, and, eventually, make some change in your system configuration.

Using XTU, you can very simply make adjustments to speed, performance and even modify Intel exclusive features such as Turbo Boost Technology. Download Intel XTUDownload Intel Desktop Control Center. AMD Catalyst. While the AMD Over. Drive Utility listed above is mainly for enhancing CPU and RAM memory settings, AMD’s Catalyst Control Center is a utility for video and graphics. With this utility, you can fine tune GPU settings, enable graphics acceleration and speed settings and even configure displays.

Download AMD Catalyst. NVIDIA Control Panel.

NVIDIA’s Control Panel software is another GPU utility that allows you to tweak graphics setting directly from the desktop. However, it also offers some other utilities for CPUs, Motherboard, Memory and even Power Supply. Download NVIDIA Control Panel.

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MSI Afterburner. MSI’s Afterburner utility is a popular app that is compatible with both NVIDIA Ge. Force and ATI Radeon based setups. With Afterburner, you can overclock, adjust fan speed, adjust voltage and monitor clock speed, temperatures and other settings, all from the desktop. Download MSI Afterburner. EVGA Precision XEVGA’s Precision X is a similar GPU enhancement program to MSI’s Afterburner. Specializing in Ge. Force controllers, the Precision X software allows you to do things like adjust voltage, set custom fan curves and even create custom profiles for different scenarios.

  • Download Intel Desktop Control Center. While the AMD OverDrive Utility listed above is mainly for enhancing CPU and RAM memory.
  • Download: CPU-Tweaker v:2.0 beta20-Add support for Intel Sandy & Ivy Bridge CPUs.-b10.-Add the Possibility to change timings.-Add a mchbar.txt.
Memset And Cpu-Tweaker Free Download

Download EVGA Precision XCPUIDCPUID. Their most popular program is CPU- Z, a desktop utility that monitors CPU, Cache, Motherboard, Graphics and more. However, they also offer some other great programs such as TMonitor and HWMonitor. Download CPU- ZOther Utilities. Those are just a few utilities for overclocking, tweaking, and monitoring the performance of CPUs, video cards and RAM memory. If any of our site visitors have any other recommended utilities, feel free to link to them in the comments section.

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Best overclocking software: 1. When even the mighty Intel, locker of clocks and remover of multipliers, releases a software overclocking app you know overclocking has gone mainstream. While the hardcore know that BIOS is best, for the rest of us software apps provide the most sane way of easily squeezing more speed from your processor, memory or graphics card from within the friendly Windows environment. To help novice overclockers get started we've put together this collection of best overclocking software.

This top 1. 5 list covers everything you need from system information tools, system monitoring and stress tools to the essential overclocking apps themselves. CPUZ and GPUZInformation is power. And in the system information app world you can't get better than CPUZ and GPUZ. These two stand head and shoulders above the rest for their completeness and simplicity. CPU- Z is a comprehensive processor, motherboard and memory report tool that displays live clock rates, bus speeds and voltages, perfect for identifying components and speeds. In a similar move, GPU- Z was developed to do the same but for graphics cards.

AMD Overdrive. The official AMD overclocking tool, AMD Over. Drive, is an impressively comprehensive utility from the processor manufacturer for your Athlon/Phenom system. It manages to pack almost everything you would want into a single program, including system information, a status monitor for fans, voltages and buses, alongside controls to adjust clocks, buses, multipliers and voltages for the processor, Hyper.

Transport and memory. Intel Desktop Control Center.

Where AMD goes Intel is sure to follow and the Desktop Control Center is its attempt at an official overclocking tool. It has an effective single- click overclocking feature plus a full raft of processor and memory controls and reporting. Unfortunately the full release is limited to the latest socket 1. DX5. 8SO, DP5. 5KG and DP5. SB chipsets. Motherboard tools. If you've built your own system then it's highly likely the manufacturer of your motherboard supplied a Windows- based overclocking app.

Each company has its own branded tool that will only work with its motherboards or chipset. How To Download Apps Onto Iphone From Computer. Nvidia has its longstanding n. Tune for the n. Force chipset while ASUS provides its AI Suite and Turbo. V tools. MSI has the ridiculously designed OC Genie, while Gigabyte offers its Easy. Tune series. Other manufacturers have their own, so find out which made your mobo using CPU- Z and download the corresponding tool for easy overclocking. Mem. Set and CPU- Tweaker. At this point we're starting to delve into the more complex software tools and a pair from the same developer are worth checking out at tweakers.

Mem. Set is a complex memory overclocking tool that provides most of the features you'd expect to find in the BIOS, though a tool like AMD Overdrive also offers many of the same advanced options. Its associated app is CPU- Tweaker, which is used in place of Mem. Set for processors with embedded memory controllers such as AMD Phenom and the Intel Core i.

As you might expect this version also provides overclocking features for the processor as well. Set. FSBWhile many covert Set.

FSB for its advanced options, many will also shun it. Unless you know exactly which clock generator - known as the PLL - your motherboard has then Set. FSB is useless. But then it can also overclock systems where other options fail. The only prerequisite is that Set.

FSB has been updated to support that model of PLL. A useful guide to locating your motherboard's PLL chip can be found here. The position, manufacturer and style varies from board to board.

Not an essential tool for most but it can be invaluable for some. Official graphics overclocking. When it comes to graphics cards, by far the easiest option is to the use the official driver tools. ATI users can right- click a blank area of the desktop and choose Catalyst Control Center. The ATI Overdrive section provides access to a wide, but not full, range of GPU and graphics memory clock speeds plus fan control and temperature readings. For Nvidia owners, you'll need to install n.

Tune and then magically a new Performance section becomes available from the Nvidia Control Panel. Again ultimate clock speeds are limited but it's an easier and official way to start. Riva Tuner. Remember the 'ancient' Riva 1. TNT graphics cards that Nvidia produced in the late 9. That's from where this all- in- one graphics overclocking tool takes it name, but it now supports both ATI and Nvidia cards. Riva Tuner should be on your list of graphics overclocking tools as it provides unfettered control of the GPU, memory and even shader clock speeds alongside the usual fan controls.