Optimus Camera 5.0 Megapixel Driver

LG G5 Review: Easily The Most Interesting Phone of 2. I love LG. The Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 converted me from a hater to a lover and made me forget all about the days of the LG Optimus 3. D and other low- grade piles of rubbish that the company pumped out during the early era of the Android space. During the past three years LG has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with mobile technology. Whether display technology, imaging or design, the company has always pushed itself and attempted to do “firsts” with its flagship releases.

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Optimus Camera 5.0 Megapixel Driver

More to come We'll have more to share in our full review of the Nexus 5, coming soon. Until then we can say we've come away pleasantly surprised. SID Information Display Magazine. Invited Feature Article on Tablet Displays. Tablet Display Technology Shoot-Out. Smartphones and Tablets represent a new class of. After six successful years since the first RIFF Box hardware was released, we are proud to introduce the new RIFF Box 2 hardware. Below you can read the basics about it. 4-inch Retina display; A6 chip; 8-megapixel iSight camera; FaceTime HD camera; Ultrafast LTE wireless1; Over 900,000 apps on the App Store2; iOS 7—The world’s most. Die Liste ist zwar bestimmt nicht vollst

Apple has even taken note of what LG’s been up to recently. According to reports Apple has apparently contracted LG to provide some of the dual- lens cameras for its i. Phone 7 Plus handset, which launches alongside the i. Phone 7 later on this year. Sony was apparently the sole supplier up to about a month ago, but then word got out about the Xperia- phone- maker having trouble meeting Apple’s demands, which are said to be around the 7.

Apple then contracted LG to cleanup the shortfall, which obviously lends credence to the capabilities of LG’s imaging technology. Poor LG G5 Sales Force LG To Re- Jigg Its Mobile Business. Despite the awesome nature of the LG G5 — it still is one of my favourite Android phones of the year — sales have been pretty weak. According to data from HMC Investment, LG has sold just 2.

Compared to what Samsung’s doing, this is a pretty small number and should be cause for concern inside LG’s HQ — a couple of million units will not take its mobile business out of the red. As a result of this LG has undertaken some big changes to the composition of its mobile devision.

LG says the restructuring was done in order to keep its handset business running amid challenging market conditions. In stark contrast, Samsung expects its operating profit during Q2 to hit $7 billion — a 1.

Q2 2. 01. 5 and its strongest profit for two years. The i. Phone 7 Plus will launch with a dual- lens camera; that much is obvious. Apple will push this as the handset’s USP. But given the developments in the Android space during Q2 with the release of the Galaxy S7 and LG G5, the latter of which already HAS a dual- camera, one could argue that perhaps the i. Phone 7’s USP isn’t really all that much of a USP after all. The LG G5 takes things several steps farther, though — and it does it in a completely new- looking handset that carries none of the design language of the company’s past two flagships.

The LG G5 sits at the top of an upward curve that has been in the making since around 2. It is a unique phone without equal in today’s mobile space, thanks to its modular capabilities. But this alone is not enough to secure Korea’s OTHER big phone company a place at the top of the Android table. No. In order to give the likes of Samsung, HTC, One. Plus, Sony, and Huawei a run for their respective monies, LG needs to deliver the goods across the board: imaging, processing power, design, performance, battery life, and software. And in 2. 01. 6’s phone space, where everybody has come to the fight armed to the teeth, achieving this will be no mean feat. Also: you can now pick up the amazing LG G5 for just !

LG G5 Review: Design & That . First impressions were very good, but this was before I had seen the Galaxy S7 and HTC 1.

Huawei P9, for that matter. A couple of months later, my opinion is much the same: this is a great- looking phone. Size: 1. 49. 4 x 7. Weight: 1. 59g. Display: 5. Quad HD IPS Quantum Display (2. Battery: 2,8. 00m.

Ah (removable)But I can see why some reviewers aren’t falling head over heels for it. The overall design itself is fairly unassuming. It isn’t showy, or fancy or all that eye- catching. But it is very well put together, excellently proportioned and it really does feel great in the hand. I prefer the look of the Galaxy S7 EDGE — its stunning — but the LG G5 is a better proportioned phone in my opinion. The weight, the smooth edges and the thickness are all 1. Constructed from magnesium and finished with a gorgeous matte after touch, the LG G5 is also premium as hell.

The matte finish also aids grip too, which is a nice bonus, and the end result doesn’t look too dissimilar to Google’s Nexus 6. PThe G5 weighs 1. The battery is a removable 2. Ah, which you access, along with the SD card, via the modular component at the bottom of the device. The LG G5 ships with 4. GB of RAM and comes with 3. GB of storage, but you will be able to supplement this with SD cards (up to 2.

TB). Oddly, the LG G5 - - like the Samsung Galaxy S7 - - does not support Android’s adaptive storage feature, which essentially forces the phone OS to view external storage the same as internal storage. Samsung said the reason it excluded support for adaptive storage was because the feature wiped an SD card’s contents if removed incorrectly, and that was a risk it wasn’t willing to leave on the table - - not when its customers’ content is so important. I imagine LG will be taking a similar stance.

BLU R1 HD can be had for as little as $5. LTE band 1. 2 support. BLU today announced its latest Android smartphone, and so long as you don’t mind some ads, you can score one for pretty cheap. The BLU R1 HD features a 5- inch 1. It’s available in two configurations, one with 8. GB of storage and 1.

GB of RAM and the other with 1. GB of storage and 2. GB of RAM, but they both include a micro. SD slot for adding more storage. The R1 HD also comes equipped with Android 6. BLU says that it’s upgradeable to Android N.

BLU’s R1 HD is being sold unlocked and includes HSPA+ 8. MHz as well as LTE bands 2, 4, 7, and 1. Download Game Lost Planet 320X240. I asked BLU about the R1 HD’s T- Mobile support and was told that “it will have LTE band 1. OTA along with Vo. LTE.” BLU’s R1 HD product page says that this update will arrive “shortly after launch.”Amazon is now taking pre- orders for the BLU R1 HD at a price of $9.

GB/1. GB model or $1. GB/2. GB version. However, the BLU R1 HD is part of Amazon’s new Prime Exclusive program that will let you get it for even less. With this program, Amazon Prime members can get the 8. GB/1. GB version of the BLU R1 HD for $4. Amazon apps. The 1. GB/2. GB model is part of the program, too, coming in at a price of $5.

The BLU R1 HD will ship July 1. Amazon’s Prime Exclusive program is also offering the Moto G4 at a price of $1. GB model and $1. 79. GB version, both of which are $5. T- Mobile has been pushing its Extended Range LTE coverage pretty hard lately, and if a device lacks LTE band 1.

BLU says that the R1 HD will be updated with band 1. T- Mo customers. That’s especially true for folks that don’t mind the ads on the Prime Exclusive version. Sources: BLU, Amazon: BLU R1 HD.