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Box Mods: trend, passion, goal or future? This page is only a translation of wonderful job we pubblished HERE  (translation by Ice. Bear)*****************In recent weeks the posts that follow each other on the Forum and the movements of the markets include a great interest for the Box Mods. So far confined in a corner by Provaris and Semovars on one hand and Nemesis and Stingrays  on the other hand, the small boxes of wood or other materials are conquering a large scene and a wide popularity. Without betraying the origins, even faithful fans of mechanic tubes and genesis are finding the box mods; their beauty, the “roundness” of the electronic steam generated by bottom feeder systems, the potential that is inside them.

Accomplices also (and especially) the local modders who have recently proposed a number of projects (unfortunately mostly currently in prototype stage or slow production) which are admired for their beauty. I don’t want mention them one by one in order not to forget some, but their names will be out during the review of the Boxes. Even the all- Italian birth of some Bottom Feeder Atomizer of excellent quality (here I  don’t run the risk of forgetting, I mean the Grail by Paolo Del Sole, The Aria by Roby. No. Tank by Peppo. Bieffe) added valid alternatives to the Chalice, Cyclone, Spiral, etc.

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The box mod (for now) seems to go untouched by this wretched phenomenon of cloning and fakes, but we’ll see how long it will last. Unlike my previous BB electronic guide (www. What I hope to be able to do is an “Introduction” to the world of Box Mods, leading the younger (as most recently arrived at electronic steam) to discover an alternate dimension to mechanical and electronic tubes. I apologize to box mods fans already familiar with these systems and especially to boxes’ modders   for the inevitable mistakes  that will write in the following pages (and also my mistakes in the translation from Italian into English). I hope you can forgive me; you could add all the parts that will be useful to complete this small work devoted to box. The question I asked myself and I wanted to put as 3.

D title reflects my thoughts on the subject: the box is now only a temporal phenomenon linked to a trend destined to run out over time? Or is an object of “hobby into hobby”, i. Or, more , is a destination, a route from Ego, through electronic and mechanical BB that at last empties into the box? Or maybe could rapresent the real future of electronic steam, with increasingly fanciful objects and art on the one hand and performance on the other? The potential in this sense is more in favour of the box mods. We begin to talk about it and to scroll through the images.

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Puzzle Inlay Full Version Crack

The photographs are mostly original, drawn from my personal collection. For the others is cited the source. I recommend always to click the image for a larger view: often you could find useful or interesting details. Many of you will recognize box which were owned by them. The market was a real mine of discoveries and surprises.

The fact that some objects have been used over time and maybe passed from hand to hand makes them more interesting and “lived”. I thank all those who have sold them to me for the very good conditions when they arrived. My box parade. A simple block, although the inspiration of modders is pushing towards more complex and artistic forms. Can be electronic or mechanical; in the first case only exist inside a battery, the bottle for the fluid and electrical connections, while outside we find the atomizer that communicates through a cup of steel or aluminum with the bottle and the activation button.

Box mod: you recognize top left the inside of the activation button and the metal tube that carries the liquid atomizer; top right the spring that serves as contact to the negative pole of the battery; on the left side the copper wire that carries the positive signal from the positive battery contact (bottom right) to the positive pin of the cup. Pictured on the right with liquid bottle and insert battery. In the second case there is an electronic circuit that regulates the functions of the energy supply from the battery. It is possible on some models of mechanical box mounting a kick or crown to add the electronic functions features of these devices. Own Birthday Card Download Free Printable there.

Puzzle Box by Lukkos, Interior view.