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Pure My Heart. Written by. Ricotta. Illustrated by. Y. It was first released as an adult game for the PC on June 2. Play. Station 2 on January 2. The gameplay in Princess Lover!

The game was first adapted into three light novels written by Utsusemi and illustrated by Hy. It was then followed by two manga adaptations: the first, illustrated by Naoha Yuigi, began serialization in Media Factory's Media Factory Mobile! Learn Php Video Tutorials Free Download. An anime adaptation produced by the animation studio Go. Hands also began its broadcast in Japan on July 5, 2. An Internet radio show has also been produced to promote the anime adaptation, and began its broadcast on July 3, 2. Gameplay! Every so often, the player will come to a . The time between these points varies and can occur anywhere from a minute to much longer.

Text progression pauses at these points and depending on the choices that the player makes, the plot will progress in a specific direction. There are four main plot lines in the game that the player will have the chance to experience, one for each of the heroines in the story.

To view all of the plot lines, the player will have to replay the game multiple times and make different decisions to progress the plot in an alternate direction. Arima Teppei lost his parents in a traffic accident.

His grandfather Isshin adopted him and ordered him to succeed the head of Arima Group Corporation. At Shuuhou Gakuen, a high school only for wealthy students, Teppei's new life as a celebrity starts. Characters. Prior to the series, Teppei grew up in a happy family with his mother and father, a noodle shop owner.

Coming back from school one day he learns that his parents were killed in an automobile accident. He is then picked up by his grandfather, Isshin Arima, who is the owner of the Arima Financial Combine, a very wealthy and perhaps the most powerful industrial group in Japan. Isshin then adopts Teppei with the aim of making him the successor to the Arima corporation (in place of his now- deceased daughter and Teppei's mother) and Teppei is enrolled in the most prestigious private school in Japan. He is a good swordsman and excels at quick drawing techniques. Charlotte Hazelrink (. She and Teppei first meet when he saves her from some thugs.

She likes to tease Teppei and has a cheery nature. Aside from this, she is in love with Teppei and, in the anime, even asks Teppei to not forget about her. She also has very big breasts which attract Teppei's attention. She is a childhood friend of Sylvia van Hossen and is a little jealous of Sylvia because she, Sylvia, has been named as Teppei's fianc. She has a butler who is very protective of her and who will often go to great lengths to protect her.

Qvod Video Download Site

While she grew up in Flemish, she has not spent much of her mature life in that nation and attends school in Japan. She is the elder of the two daughters of Vincent van Hossen, the head of the van Hossen family and is very skilled in fencing. She first meets Teppei when they spar in the garden during a party. Both of them are surprised when they are told that their marriage has been arranged. When they next sparred, Sylvia won the showdown by the merest fraction of a second.

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Qvod Video Download Site

She is a bit reserved but enjoys her bouts with Teppei and is trying to understand him as a friend first, before they are married. Maria, her younger sister, wants her to marry Teppei. Sylvia is the best friend of Charlotte, the Princess of Hazelrink. She is also the captain of the Flemish military unit called the Horse Riders. She is a hard woman with high standards and initially has a tendency to be outwardly repulsed by Teppei. She has difficulty expressing her feelings around him and is better with actions than words. She loved her late mother very dearly but was unable to cry at her funeral.

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Her feelings for Teppei are similar to those she has for her mother's memory. In the 9th episode she admits to Seika that she could not understand her feelings towards Teppei and in the 1. Teppei with a kiss. In the game her route concludes with Teppei and Sylvia getting married and Sylvia pregnant with Teppei's baby.

The game ends with her saying she is extremely happy and thanking Teppei for everything. Seika H. Although she is initially neutral towards Teppei, once she finds out he is an Arima, she immediately dislikes him due to her family's longstanding antipathy for Teppei's grandfather (Many years previously, Teppei's grandfather was a workaholic and his lonely grandmother had an affair with Seika's grandfather which resulted in Isshin throwing his wife out of their house and his cutting ties with the H. More recently, he refused to sell Seika's fashions in any of his group's stores). Seika has a loud and forthright nature. She is the 'Club Representative' of the 'Society Club' and reserves the right to limit membership to those students who satisfy her conditions to join the school's most elegant and exclusive club.

Outside of school, she is a very popular model and one of the most gifted young fashion designers in all of Japan.

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