Ricky Gervais Karl Pilkington Podcast Free Download

Ricky Gervais Karl Pilkington Podcast Free Download

Ricky Gervais. com The Website of Ricky Gervais.. Obviously. BLOGBLOG - 5 SEPTEMBER 2. So as the promo for Life On The Road dies down I start working on my next stand- up tour.

That's a record for a British comedian. I should be very proud. But what this actually means is, (after 2 wins), I'm probably about to lose for the 2. Still, mustn't grumble.

They were at the Leicester Sq theatre which is my new favourite small venue. The general theme of the show seems to be me complaining about people complaining all the time. I'm doing some more next month, so I'll keep you posted. Obviously, you should vote for that incredible show The Office.

Here's the video for Lady Gypsy.. It has a slightly different feel to The Office in as much as documentary making has changed. Now, reality shows reflect a new ruthlessness towards being famous, where people are willing to live their life like an open wound to stay in the limelight. I think people will feel a bit more empathy towards him now he's older, more tragic and nicer than today's average rep in this new dog- eat- dog environment.

Ricky Dene Gervais was born in a suburb of Reading, Berkshire, to Eva Sophia (House) and Lawrence Raymond Gervais, who was a hod carrier and labourer.

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  3. On 5 December 2005 Guardian Unlimited began offering free weekly podcasts - The Ricky Gervais Show featuring Gervais, Merchant, and Karl Pilkington.

He's still an embarrassing prat but deep down he's ok. I have never been more exited about a project or more impatient to release it to the public. I've also done a couple of new material nights recently, in preparation for my first stand- up tour in about six years. It's going great and I've also been reminded of what a privilege it is, not only to be able to say what the fuck you like, but that people are kind enough to pay to come and hear you say it as well. Watch it on Netflix around the world. Come along and wave. As you may know I'm doing a couple of warm- up gigs in May too.

I'm going to really try and not write another series or movie for the next couple of years so I can do a world tour. And when I say world tour, I mean UK and North America. The second trailer for that was released and again the reaction was great.

The world premiere is part of this year's Tribeca Film Festival which is fucking amazing! After that I'll fly back to London to finish the David Brent album. I'll also be doing a couple of secret warn- up gigs for my next stand- up tour. My most offensive yet I imagine. BLOG - 2. 8 MARCH 2. The poster and trailer for Special Correspondents landed this week.

Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington have spent the past 10 years antagonising each other. And this, they tell Tom Ellen of Shortlist magazine, is simply because they're. Subscribe to the free podcast via iTunes here. You can also get all five series of the original best-selling record-breaking Ricky Gervais Show, all 10 Ricky Gervais.

Ricky Gervais Karl Pilkington Podcast Free Download

Have a look if you haven't seen it already; In other amazing news, the movie has been accepted into Tribeca. The premiere will be in New York on Friday 2. April and the whole cast will be there.

They know they have 8. I'm pretty laid back too as I've already been paid. But I hope you like it, obviously.

That one I will have to do the usual begging for. Singh And Kaur Full Movie Download. We started mixing the album this week and we have 1.

This means our vinyl edition will be a double album. The first in about six years if you don't count hosting the Golden Globes. I've booked a couple of low key warm- ups with the Derek lot to flesh out the bill a bit. The shows will be in London in May, but I'll give you more details nearer the time.

Still weeks of mixing the music and grading, but basically the content is fixed. Even though it's by a ludicrous fictional character, the songs are insanely catchy. You'll all be singing along to Native American and Lady Gypsy before you know it. There'll also be a songbook to help you play the tunes yourself. It's a dream come true for Brent as he gets to pontificate about his writing techniques and philosophies. The invited audience was purposely made up of 5.

After the movie, they were grilled to find out everything they liked, disliked, didn't get, were bored by etc. Most, either found it 'Excellent' or 'Very Good' and the love amongst fans of The Office was off the charts. They liked the comedy, the characters, the emotion, and they also loved the songs and said they would buy the album and buy a ticket to see a live show. This is exciting news. Let's hope this is reflected by the rest of the population.

Brent’s Back. BLOG - 2. FEBRUARY 2. 01. 6. Eight weeks editing Life On The Road and I'm pretty much happy with the content. Next is a temporary grade and dub to show the film at a test screening. So, basically, they find a couple of hundred people on the street and invite them to watch the movie.

The audience fills out a form and some even stay after to answer more in- depth questions. They take the details of the demographic of the sample and draw conclusions from the data. I don't HAVE to change anything but they're a great thing to do to assess the timing and pacing of the jokes and songs.

Why do men have nipples? Update Required. To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

Why do men have nipples? It turns out there's a good answer why and nipples on men aren't entirely useless after all. Join Chuck and Josh for this heady investigation. Announcer: Welcome to Stuff You Should Know, from How. Stuff. Works. com. Josh Clark: Hey, and welcome to the podcast. We're doing it. Chuck Bryant: Whether you like it or not.

Josh Clark: Yeah, we're recording our podcast, Stuff You Should Know. You probably know because you tuned in.

Chuck Bryant: Yes. Josh Clark: So, welcome - Chuck Bryant: - And if it was an accident, hey, welcome to the party. Josh Clark: Talk about serendipity.

Chuck Bryant: You're about to learn about male nipples. Josh Clark: Yeah, you are. Chuck Bryant: Talk about a party. Josh Clark: Yeah.

I got them. Chuck Bryant: We all do. Josh Clark: Do you wanna talk about chromosomes for a second? Chuck Bryant: Sure. Josh Clark: Okay, Chuck. You and I each have 2. We talked a little bit in Designer Children, I think, about - Chuck Bryant: - Yeah.

Josh Clark: - a little genetics over here; we're not gonna go into that now, but the 2. Chuck Bryant: Yeah. Josh Clark: - 2. 2 of the 2.

It's that 2. 3rd that gets you. The 2. 3rd chromosome either has a pair of Xs or an X and a Y. A pair of Xs equals a woman.

XY equals a man, okay? Chuck Bryant: We're not that far apart. Josh Clark: We're really not, and that becomes very, very clear when we're in utero because sexual dimorphism, which is the inward and outward differences between genders - between male and female - Chuck Bryant: Uh- huh? Josh Clark: Like hoo- hoos, and ha- has, and that kinda stuff.

Chuck Bryant: Pee- pees and cuckoos. Josh Clark: Sure. Those are all hammered out in the course of our development on the 2. Chuck Bryant: Yeah. Josh Clark: A lot of it, you come out with, right?

You were born with a vagina or a penis. Chuck Bryant: Yeah, or both. Josh Clark: Right, but a lot of it is also set up to be kicked in when puberty happens. Chuck Bryant: That's right. Josh Clark: But still, there's differences. There's changes and it's all because of this 2.

Some of the things, though, can go either way. And, depending on what happens when puberty comes along, either nothing is going to happen to these - to this equipment, I guess you could call it.

Chuck Bryant: Yeah. Josh Clark: Or a lot of crazy things happen to it and one of those - the good examples of this - are nipples. Chuck Bryant: Yeah. Josh Clark: There's a really great question.

Why do men have nipples, Chuck? Chuck Bryant: Yeah, I have a funny little story about this. My sister and I were hanging out probably about 1. I was - they had a male dog, and I was rubbing the belly, and the dog had very like just pronounced nipples - more so than you would usually see on a male dog. Josh Clark: Okay. Chuck Bryant: And I guess I never noticed before and I was just like - I was kinda grossed out. I think mice, stallions, and - Josh Clark: - Platypi.

Chuck Bryant: Yeah, the male platypus is among the handful of animals that - of mammals that - where the boys are born nipple- free. Josh Clark: Which is weird because, as Conger points out - Cristen Conger from Stuff Mom Never Told You - Chuck Bryant: Yeah.

Josh Clark: She wrote this article and she points out that you can make the case that mice are more evolved, in that respect, than human males. Chuck Bryant: Yeah, ours could be a flaw. Josh Clark: Yeah.

We'll get to that, but let's talk about this. So, back in 1. 99.

Y2. K - it's Y2. K Fever - Yale University researchers released a study that say, . Go out in your yard right now. Pick it up by its tail and examine its - Chuck Bryant: - Little belly.

Josh Clark: - no nipples. Nothing. Chuck Bryant: Or, if it's got nipples, that means it's a little lady. Josh Clark: Exactly, that's the way you tell. Chuck Bryant: That's right. Josh Clark: - One of the ways you tell with mice. Chuck Bryant: And it's because of a protein. Josh Clark: Um- hum.

Chuck Bryant: PTHr. P. Josh Clark: Yeah. Chuck Bryant: It's always so exciting when they give them names like this. After mice are - after their mammary tissue starts to form, it produces this protein and, in male mice, it signals the cells to form male hormone receptors and it basically destroys the tissue like in utero, correct?