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Sa. Ga Frontier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sa. Ga Frontier(. The game was later published by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEA) in North America on March 2. It is the seventh game in the Sa. Ga series and the first to be released on the Play.

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Saga Frontier 2 Download

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Station. Sa. Ga Frontier was developed by the then- Square Production Team 2 (referred to as 2nd Division in the game) with Akitoshi Kawazu as director and producer, Koichi Ishii as planning chief, Kenji Ito as composer, and Tomomi Kobayashi as illustrator. Square Production Team 2 included Kyoji Koizumi, Miwa Shoda, Kazuko Shibuya, and Minoru Akao among others. The musical score for Sa. Ga Frontier was composed and arranged by Kenji Ito, who provided music for many previous entries in the Sa. Ga franchise. When development began, the game's title was intended to be Romancing Sa.

Ga 4. The focus shifted from the traditional Sa. Ga style and began to focus on several different character on their own journeys. Nine stories were crafted, but two of them were dropped for being too comedic. The plot of Sa. Ga Frontier takes place in a science fantasy universe called . The game allows the player to follow the exploits of one of seven protagonists, each with his or her own storyline and goal. Sa. Ga Frontier enjoyed commercial success, having sold over one million copies. The game was generally well received in Japan and has been re- released under a few best- seller labels, as well as the Play.

Station Store. However, it received largely mixed and average reviews in North America, mostly due to its ambitious Free Scenario System. Gameplay. The game is considered non- linear, in that from the beginning many of the characters are free to go almost anywhere and interact with almost anyone. Travel through most of the Regions is easy due to inter- regional ships traveling regularly between them. The player controls the protagonist on the field screen, a set of interconnecting pre- rendered backgrounds, and is able to speak with a slew of other characters in order to gather information, recruit party members, and initiate quests.

Each character has his or her own storyline and a main quest to fulfill, but there are also several optional quests that any of the characters can participate in. Some of the main characters even encounter each other during their quests.

The battle screen depicts 2. D- animated sprites amidst a 3. D- rotating background. Battles are turn- based, in which the player chooses his or her actions and allow them, along those of the enemies, to play out. A variety of weapons, special skills, and magic spells are at the player's disposal. Most skills are learned mid- battle, while many spells are purchased in the game's shops.

If certain conditions are met within the battle, party members on either side can create combination attacks for added damage. Winning battles will increase player character statistics such as hit points (HP), life points (LP), strength, and quickness. Outside of combat, players can equip and unequip (or . First introduced in the Game Boy incarnations of the Sa. Ga series, the game contains different races that exist within the Regions: the Humans, the Mystics, the Half- Mystics (half Human and half Mystic), Monsters, and the Mecs (robots).

For added incentive, beating a character's game and saving its completion to the system data adds some bonuses. After beating one character's game, essentially every character in the following game starts off stronger and with better gear than before, and may depend on how many battles players fought in their previous quest that they saved on the system data. Chosen as the Charm Lord's heir, she is despised by human and mystic alike due to her status as the only half- Mystic in existence. She escapes Orlouge's castle with the help of the Princess White Rose. Asellus and White Rose remain on the run from Orlouge's many servants, but after White Rose sacrifices herself to save Asellus's life and freedom, Asellus decides to return and defeat Orlouge, to end the struggle once and for all.

Depending on the actions the player does, there are three endings, in which she end live on as a human, half Mystic, or complete Mystic. His quest is to collect the . After that he is destined to fight his twin Rouge who has gained the opposite magics.

Whichever brother survives obtains the other's magic and receives the sacred . It is revealed they were created artificially to produce the only wizard who could master all magical powers, even the conflicting pairs, and the duel is a mere formality to establish the dominant persona.

Afterwards, Blue/Rouge descends into Hell to fight the demons who attacked his home. Her story began when her fianc. Wrongfully accused of the crime, she was sentenced to imprisonment in Despair, where she met Annie and Liza. With their help, they complete a competition the warden created to receive a full pardon for their crimes. Replace Car Battery Ground Cable.