Toshiba Tecra Touchpad Driver Windows 7

Review Toshiba Tecra A1. Notebook. by: Simon Leitner and Klaus Hinum, 0. Reliable Business. The Tecra notebook from Toshiba, the Japanese giant, is a reliable office companion. The current A1. 1 series attempts to attract buyers with its price range and the business quality features such as the sturdy case and the extensive connectivity options.

Cheap business machines are currently the trend. Almost all notable producers have such business companions on sale. Dell offers the Vostro, HP the extensive white Pro.

Book, Lenovo just leaves Thinkpad out of the name. Toshiba sticks with the Tecra title and adds an additional A1. Toshiba also offers models from the M1. S1. 1 series, both of which are ranked above the new A1. The S1. 1 series also has a slightly better professional NVidia graphics card. The description of the series is identical in the US area.

However, the model abbreviation are no longer identical. So, every different abbreviation offers a completely different configuration. For example, a model with Nvidia Quadro NVS 2. European market. Our test sample has the name Tecra A1. Intel Core i. 5- 4. M, 4. GB RAM, a 3.

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  5. The Tecra notebook from Toshiba, the Japanese giant, is a reliable office companion. The current A11 series attempts to attract buyers with its price range and the.

GB HDD and integrated Intel GMA HD graphics chip. All- in- all a reliable office hardware combination and in many places, student buyers can buy the laptop for a lower price if they present the appropriate proof. The . If the device fails and is covered by the guarantee, then the user would receive his/her full payment back and also the repaired device back. The only condition is a registration within a week of the purchase date. The Tecra A1. 1 can be classified optically as a office/business notebook with just a single glance.

Decorations and glossy surfaces are completely left out of the notebook and thus emphasize its business image. Toshiba tried to add a little spice to the case, made of a synthetic material, by giving the surface of the display cover and the hand- rest regions a well- designed rough finish, which feels very good and prevents fingerprints and smudges to take up residence on the laptop.

The case is also strong enough to resist most scratches or other  similar ugly markings. Even though the surface of the Tecra A1.

Only the bottom side of the laptop gives way when it is put under heavy pressure from a pointy object. The hinges also manage to hold the display properly, even if at a first glance the user gets the impression that the synthetic hinges would be unable to hold the display properly. The display allows itself to be opened with an appropriate amount of force and remains closed, when in the closed position, with almost no perceivable movement. Even the tension, which holds the display closed in the closed state, is enough to hold the display.

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Toshiba Tecra Touchpad Driver Windows 7

This is important as there is no locking mechanism to completely secure the display. Flash Games For Kids+Colouring. Even though the notebook looks slim and mobile, the measurements convey a different story. The case is up to 3. So in the end, the laptop is not exactly a light- weight. The Tecra A1. 1 managed to convince us with its extensive and well- placed ports. The ports which are usually in use, such as the VGA, power outlet and the LAN port, are placed near the back of the laptop. The notebook also offers 3 USB ports and an e.

SATA/USB combination port (which have a . The laptop earns additional points thanks to its serial interface (which is hard to find in laptops these days) and the docking port at the bottom of the Tecra A1.

A 5. 4mm Expresscard interface and a Multi- Cardreader which read most of the common memory modules round out the ports offered on the Tecra A1. The communication modules installed in the Tecra A1. The laptop comes with Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth and a WLAN module which supports a/b/g/n standards.

These communication modules fulfill most, if not all, of the users cable or wireless needs. The only issue here could be the missing UMTS module (which allows wireless broadband internet).

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However, this integrated module is missing in all of the other current models too. The OS used by Toshiba for the Tecra A1. Windows 7 Professional 6. Thus, the 4 GB of RAM in the notebook can be fully recognized and utilized to achieve the optimal performance. The various advertisement shortcuts (such as Ebay, Skype, Amazon, etc.) and the other pre- installed software did not seem very businesslike to us. Especially, the pre- installed Internet Explorer is very slow due to a variety of addons which are mostly not used and the browser has a tendency of swallowing characters during typing. However, the . The Toshiba DVD Player, the Toshiba Board, the eco Utility, the Connectivity Doctor or the Toshiba .

Toshiba Tecra Touchpad Driver Windows 7

Two points are worthy of note in the keyboard of the Tecra A1. The stroke distance is very large for a notebook and is almost like that of a desktop keyboard. The typing noise is very quiet and remains indistinct even during an energetic typing session. Plus, the keyboard barely gives way under pressure. The layout and the size of the keys is also good. Only the space bar could have been a bit bigger.